Flexischooling – Building the Network

The CPE-PEN Flexischooling Learning Exchange resolved to continue the process of building the flexischooling network and developing advocacy strategies with government and its agencies, local authorities and schools.

Build on the emergent network from the learning exchange. Towards that end Alison Sauer has been active setting up Facebook Social Network Groups ‘FLEXISCHOOLING’ and FLEXISCHOOLING PRACTITIONERS’. Please look these up and get involved.

Alison Sauer is further developing a Flexischooling website http://www.sc-education.co.uk/flexischooling/ and a conference page http://www.sc-education.co.uk/flexischooling-conference/ for the November National Conference.

Face to Face meetings. Alison Sauer and Peter Humphreys are taking the opportunities as they arise to go and visit flexischooling settings and key people as they surface.
Alison has been researching with Freedom of Information Requests the numbers of flexischoolers known to local authorities. As she’s already found out this won’t necessarily give accurate figures but will give us something to go on. ENGAGING WITH LAs, DfE, Ofsted, Parliament
Alison has already established DfE and parliamentary links. A number will be attending / contributing to the November Conference. http://www.sc-education.co.uk/flexischooling-conference/ and we will continue to engage with these. Alison and Peter will try to open up lines of communication with Ofsted. This will be particularly interesting now that Erpingham Primary had his recent successful Ofsted (categorised as ‘Good’).

Essentially this is something we always have done. Enquiries will keep coming through to CPE-PEN and to Alison Sauer however, now with the Alsion’s Facebook and Flexischooling websites growing it means there is another effective way of sharing information and linking people.

Rather like supporting families … this is what we’ve always done and will continue to do so where capacity allows. However, as stated above the growing network and avenues for weblinking and social networking should make this more effective.

As you are aware Alison sauer is organising a National Flexischooling Conference in November. Clearly, this will be a benchmark as regards how far we have travelled and a larger forum in which we can try and bring together a network and take the flexischooling agenda forward. Your support in getting the information around to flexi-families, schools and LA officers will be really helpful. Flexischooling Conference web page http://www.sc-education.co.uk/flexischooling-conference/

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