A New Website by AERO

www.DemocraticEducation.com is now live!  This website serves as the virtual home for The Directory of Democratic Education as well as a location providing unique articles, essay, links, and resources on democratic education. 

Here is what you’ll find on the website:

* Detailed contact information for over 200 schools and programs representing 29 countries worldwide.
* Detailed descriptions and overviews for over 75 of these schools and programs.
* Listings and descriptions for over 25 organizations that promote and support democratic education.
* Listings of 18 selected colleges and universities supporting democratic education.
* Listings of conferences addressing democratic education worldwide
* A comprehensive resource list of over 60 books on democratic education.
* Essays and articles on the theory and practice of democratic education.
* Listings and information on former influential schools
* Listings of magazines addressing democratic education
* Listings of documentaries, films, and television shows addressing democratic education
* Listings of blogs addressing democratic education

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