BOOK REVIEW: Rothermel, P. (Ed)(2015) International Perspectives on Home Education.

Wendy Charles-Warner from the Centre for Personalised Education has reviewed the latest offering from Paula Rothermel on Home Education. It is a impressive (and currently very expensive resource) but if you’re hovering on whether to purchase perhaps Wendy’s review will […]

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Research: Home Education and the Safeguarding Myth: Analysing the Facts Behind the Rhetoric.

Home Education and the Safeguarding Myth: Analysing the Facts Behind the Rhetoric. Wendy Charles-Warner (Centre for Personalised Education)

The current climate regarding safeguarding of children has brought added

The PAH Continuum: Pedagogy, Andragogy & Heutagogy

The following article appeared in as a guest post in Heutagogy Community of Practice It follows from Paul Henderson’s mention of andragogy – which some, may not be familiar with. Fred

How American Homeschoolers Measure Up


Journal for Co-operative Studies Special Education Edition

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Good to see this education  special edition  from the Journal of Co-operative Studies.

Ed Yourself – January 2012

With great thanks to Fiona Nicholson for news from the Home Education world.

Ongoing:Local Authority Support with Finding Exam Centre

85% of local authorities have now sent

IALA International Association for Learning Alternatives: Winter News

Excerpts from IALA's winter news

TED Talks Iain McGilchrist: The divided brain


Psychiatrist Iain McGilchrist describes the real differences between the left and right halves of the human brain. It's not simply "emotion on the right, reason on

650,000 British Children on Drug to Control Behaviour

AERO E-News 20.9.2011

Today there is good news and bad news. We have a great gathering to report about, but also we have received the sad news that John Gatto has

BESA releases ‘ICT in UK State Schools’ research

Schools getting on with it by themselves  20 September 2011: At a time of significant uncertainty and funding cuts the results of the new 2011 British Educational Suppliers Association

YoungMinds – UNICEF report highlights the scourge of materialism on British children and Young People

YoungMinds - MEDIA RELEASE 14th September 2011 UNICEF report highlights the scourge of materialism on British children and Young People - YoungMinds Commenting on today’s Unicef/Ipsos Mori Children’s

IALA News 16.09.2011

Social and Emotional Learning Impact by Wayne Jennings CASEL, the Collaborative

Press release: Children and mobile phones

Westcoastcloud survey reveals 1 in 10 UK primary school children have iPhones   Cloud services provider releases Netintelligence App on iTunes  One in ten parents in the UK feels

Futurelab: Newsletter 81, July 2011


Projects and Futurelab news


Happy Birthday Big Society? More Challenges Ahead

The latest thoughts from Dr Tim Rudd as he turns his attention to the Big Society. Happy Birthday Big Society? More Challenges Ahead  Dr. Tim Rudd Livelab May 17th

IALA Newsletter 09.05.2011

Parents’ education has no effect upon exam results of brightest children

  The gender of school pupils and their parents’ educational level has no major effect on the performance of the most able 25% of those taking GCSEs, research

Reading is the only out-of-school activity linked to a better career, study finds

Reading books is the only out-of-school activity for 16-year-olds that is linked to their getting a better career, a new study has found.

 The British Sociological Association’s annual

AERO E-News 05.04.2011

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Press release: ‘Impact of New Technologies’ research

This resarch appears to confirm what we've always known... many learners 'power down' at the school gates. The digital technologies and software they access in the rest of

AERO E-News 30.03.2011

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elearningeuropa. info 30.03.2011

AWARD ON SOCIAL MEDIA USE IN FORMAL LANGUAGE TEACHING CONTEXTS. The European network Language Learning and Social Media – 6 Key Dialogues kindly invites language teachers

AERO E-News. 20.03.2011

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Literacy in the UK: Are children being allowed to fail?

 An exclusive report launched today, 3rd March, entitled “What Kids Are Reading: The Book-Reading Habits of Pupils in British Schools 2011,”  shows that primary schools have made impressive

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