AERO E-News. 20.03.2011

RSVP to the 8th annual AERO conference,”Transforming Education & Our World,” on Facebook: Registration is now open!

 Listen and share Susan Sarandon’s PSA for AERO:


1) Promote alternative education & gain exposure for your school with Susan Sarandon’s PSA for AERO!

2) Become an Exhibitor at “Transforming Education & Our World” (Event)

3) The search for a new way to test schoolkids (Article)

4) Learn how to use the North Star model to improve the lives of teens in your community (Event)

5) HEART: Developing A More Humane World Through Education (Video)

6) Position Paper from FairTest on NCLB and School to Prison Pipeline (Report)

7) Collaborate With Key Individuals To Effect Local And National Education Policy (Event)

8) Why Preschool Shouldn’t Be Like School (Research)

9) Last chance to see John Gatto, Ron Miller, and Jerry Mintz on the east coast (Event)

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