Beyond Current Horizons

Beyond Current Horizons is a joint programme conducted by the Department for Children, Schools and Families (DCSF) and education innovators Futurelab. The programme is tasked with building a challenging and long-term vision for education in the context of social and […]

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BESA urgently seeks teacher input for Policy Commission

BESA are urgently calling on teachers and educators to visit the just-released online survey at to add their voice

Government Use of School League Tables Completely Unjustified

Government Use of School League Tables Completely Unjustified

Research news from Significance (, the magazine of the Royal Statistical Society

Parents and teachers should not rely

Middle class and women do best at University – Telegraph 27th May

 Middle class and women do best at University - Telegraph 27th May. Andy Bloxham writes about this study and quotes Simon Howard co-founder of the  of the Recruiters Guide

2nd Food for the Brain Conference: 10-12 October 2008

Clearly it is vital for educational and childcare professionals to understand this link and the 2nd Food for the Brain Conference in October will expertly guide attendees through

Primary Review Research Briefing 2/4, on insights from TLRP

Delighted to see one quote from Learning and Teaching in Primary Schools: insights from TLRP (Primary Review Research Survey 2/4) by Mary James and Andrew Pollard, Institute of

Primary Review – New Interim Report Documents Published: Press Release

 I am emailing to notify you that a new group of interim reports from the Primary Review is published today. Copies of these and of these may be

New research suggests student teachers welcome moves to a Masters profession

New research suggests that Government plans to make teaching a Masters profession are being welcomed by those in the sector. ESCalate, in collaboration with the University of Cumbria, launched

IALA News May 2008

IALA news - latest May blog entries Items include:

  • Changing Traditional Schools: Impossible, Or....
  • School Choice: New Study. 
  • Research on Alternative Schools
  • National and State Alternative Education Conferences (listed individually

Assessment of the Impact of the Commercial World on Children’s Wellbeing: call for evidence

DCSF and DCMS have recently launched an Assessment of the Impact of the Commercial World on Children's Wellbeing - a commitment under the government's Children's Plan. The assessment

AERO E-newsletter 28 April

AERO - Alternative Education Resource Organization e-newsletter: visit   Some items in the latest newsletter: - Educational Freedom for a Democratic Society - NCLB Administrative Tinkering Fails to Address Flawed

Changing Times, Changing Teachers: Primary Review Interim Reports on a Profession in Transition

Are newly-qualified primary teachers better trained now than previously? Have serving primary teachers been energised by initiatives designed to raise educational standards and reform

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