Guardian: Repetition of flawed schooling models will not improve education

New thinking??  CPE-PEN supports diveristy in education (edversity) but have specific views and the principles and values on which we build alternatives and choice into a personalised educational landscape. Innovation in Education conference Innovation in schools is being stifled, says […]

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AERO: More Good news – almost half way in funding campaign

Survival Campaign Progress: Almost Half Way There Through the second week of the AERO Survival Campaign we have now received $9,847 toward our $20,000 goal from 89 people from

Count Every Child – a global birth registration conference

Count Every Child - a global birth registration conference on Monday 16 November 2009, Victory Services Club, London. Each year, 51 million children are not registered at birth, directly

Press release: Witness the future of learning at BETT in the all-new Future Learning Spaces

PEN Comment: Really radical visions of learning spaces are unlikely while the compulsory schooling model holds court. Visions of alternatives for everybody all of the time, of an

AERO Update: Great response to funding appeal. 2nd November 2009

We have been elated and humbled with the initial response to our appeal for survival funds for AERO.  We have now received $7,991 toward our $20,000 goal from

AERO News: 28th October 2009

Sad to see the economic crunch hitting our friends in AERO. We wish them every success in seeing this temporary funding gap through to a successful conclusion. Dear Friends

Video: Creativity, Crux of Education Sir Ken Robinson.

Sir Ken Robinson on Creativity in Our Big Earth Came across this video from Ken Robisnon 'Creativity, Crux of Education state of public education and its future' on the

EO Campaign Website updates Oct 2009

31.10.2009 A new article entitled Government Children\'s Czar uses Birmingham case against home education has been posted on the EO Campaign website, 29.10.2009 A new article entitled \"I just wonder

The Badman Review. Another attempt to control or silence educational diversity?

By Derry Hannam. This article appears with thanks and permissions from Derry Hannam and also David Gribble (Lib Ed)  www.­libed.­org.­uk). The article was first published by Lib Ed.

Press release: Donate yourself to charity for two months and get paid


BBC News: ‘Stark split’ in education levels

By Sean Coughlan. Education reporter, BBC News. Sunday, 18 October 2009 00:40 UK  Deptford now has more graduates than Winchester, as London draws ahead The qualifications gap between the most

The Guardian: In thrall to the rules

In thrall to the rules. If only I was enough of a rebel to stick up for the kids next door constantly shouted at during netball  Carrie Quinlan The

Times: What it feels like: to be homeschooled

A new article entitled Sunday Times article by Alex Dowty published today has been posted on the EO Campaign website,  "People who haven't come across home education before seem

HE Badman Consultation – please respond

It is entirely ironic that while the mainstream world continues to chart its disatisfaction with schools, schooling and learning that it continues to mercilessly hound the home-educated communities. The appalling

Independent: Generation of pupils being put off school, report says

Indpendent. By Richard Garner, Education Editor. Friday, 16 October 2009 Teachers should be free from state interference, the report says A devastating attack on what is taught in

Letter to Cleveland schools could improve by using studies on how children learn and develop best

Cleveland schools could improve by using studies on how children learn and develop best By Other Voices. October 08, 2009, 4:17AM As recent Plain Dealer articles indicate, Cleveland

OpenEYE Campaign E-News 13.10.09: Restating a core concern

OpenEYE: Restating a core concern We wish to highlight once more one of OpenEYE's core concerns, which we now have even more grounds for believing has major unintended negative

HR: Business must wake up to the power of informal learning

Business must wake up to the power of informal learning. Peter Crush, 01 October 2009. HR must ditch traditional training for informal leaning, said experts at the

Mirror: Britain’s first LEGO Education Centre opens

Britain's first LEGO Education Centre opens By Mark Ellis, Education Correspondent 13/10/2009 Work is all play  - and play is all work - at a large comprehensive school

AERO E-News 13.10.2009 Videos

AERO Online Video Series: Homeschool Resource Centers, Democratic Meetings, Preschool Democracy, and Butterflies Program Four Great Free Videos! Butterflies Program A rare look at an inspiring program working with homeless street

NICE: Evidence for Organisation-Wide Approaches to Emotional Health

The National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) has issued guidance on how secondary schools can 'provide an environment that fosters social and emotional wellbeing'.   The evidence gathered

US looking towards funding its own school rebuilding programme

Little Restored Schoolhouse Sign in to Recommend By GEORGE ALLEN and PAUL GOLDMAN Published New York Times: October 12, 2009. Richmond, Va. “MORE than a half-century after Brown v. Board

Campaign for Learning Events

With less than a year to go before the next general election, all the main political parties in England support the idea of 14-19 as a distinct phase

Press Release: Emotional support key after diagnosis of dyslexia

British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy Dyslexic students need high levels of emotional support and the positive reactions of parents, peers and teachers, in order to prevent their diagnosis

Guardian HE article under attack

This article created such a storm. The comments in response to it are well worth reading and show how HE is being inaccurately misrepresented and reported. Children educated at

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