Times: What it feels like: to be homeschooled

A new article entitled Sunday Times article by Alex Dowty published today has been posted on the EO Campaign website, 

“People who haven’t come across home education before seem to think we have no social skills. I didn’t find socialisation a problem – I live in a city and made friends on my street. I also went to a music college and made friends there. You have to be more active socially – it isn;t provided on a plate, so it’s more like an adult social life.
People are surprised if you’re not a mathematical or musical genius, or they think it must be some huge political stance taken by one’s outrageously hippie parents, but it wasn’t in my case.”

Read more from Alex Dowty, now in his third year reading Law at Oxford. http://www.freedomforchildrentogrow.org/update.php.
The Sunday Times. October 18, 2009 http://tiny.cc/VrYiO

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