US looking towards funding its own school rebuilding programme

Little Restored Schoolhouse Sign in to Recommend By GEORGE ALLEN and PAUL GOLDMAN
Published New York Times: October 12, 2009. Richmond, Va.

“MORE than a half-century after Brown v. Board of Education, the dream of a world-class education is still being deferred all across the country,” President Obama declared in a recent speech to the N.A.A.C.P. “There are overcrowded classrooms, and crumbling schools, and corridors of shame in America.” So we have come together — one Republican, one Democrat — to develop a common-sense solution to fix the problem of crumbling schools in a manner that doesn’t require the federal government to tax, borrow or spend one dime. Our School Modernization and Revitalization Tax Credit — Smart Credit — is also guaranteed to create hundreds of thousands of private-sector jobs, critical at a moment when unemployment has reached a 26-year high and threatens to climb even higher…..

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We hope that US educators will take more time to fundamentally question the rationale and efficacy of their current schooling systems rather than going headlong into rebuilding a system that is well past its sell by date. They should not rush headlong into this exercise but pause to understand and debate the transformational possibilitlities and alternatives. They could make a start by engaging closely with networks like AERO and building on the rich resource and energy for choice and alternatives.

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