Guardian: Repetition of flawed schooling models will not improve education

New thinking??  CPE-PEN supports diveristy in education (edversity) but have specific views and the principles and values on which we build alternatives and choice into a personalised educational landscape.

Innovation in Education conference Innovation in schools is being stifled, says head of Harris Federation of academies Warwick Mansell., Tuesday 10 November 2009 11.06 GMT

England’s education system contains elements of “insanity” in its repetition of models of schooling which have been demonstrated to let down many pupils and their families, the head of a chain of semi-independent academy schools told the Guardian’s Innovation in Education conference.

Dan Moynihan, chief executive of the Harris Federation of academies in south London, said that the government was stifling innovation in education and that it should be doing more to allow new organisations to enter the market to run schools…..

….  Charlie Leadbeater, the innovation expert and author, told the conference that, having travelled the world looking at it, education was now “the only truly global religion”. This was creating optimism, but also introducing huge pressure and anxiety around traditional schooling.

He said: “In democracies, autocracies and the rest, education plus technology equals hope.

“But we are putting an amazing stress on educational institutions, as our faith in other institutions falls. They cannot bear it.”

He suggested that one solution might be to look at providing education outside of traditional school environments as a way of releasing some of this strain.

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