Pupil resistence increases in proportion to the teaching of Ohm’s law. Telegraph 7th May 2008

Pupil resistance increases in proportion to the teaching of Ohm’s law By Dr James Le Fanu Telegraph website: date 7.05.07 Second Opinion Teenagers, quite rightly, tend to steer clear of visiting the doctor unless they want a prescription for acne […]

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Is home-schooling a wise move for children? Sunday Times May 25, 2008

Is home-schooling a wise move for children? Home-schooling is becoming more popular with parents, but is it a wise move for children? Amanda Blinkhorn and Graeme Whitcroft Imagine a summer

Socialisation in schools: gangs, knives, bullying.

One of the key arguments mainstream educators make against home-based education is the lack of socialisation. This has always been a fallacious argument as research and common sense

PEN Learning Exchange: May 25th 2008 at the South Downs Learning Centre (Brighton, UK)

PEN Learning Exchange in May 25th 2008  at the South Downs Learning Centre (Brighton) http://www.thelearningcentre.selfmanagedlearning.org.uk/ Venue: Community Base 5th floor conference room, 113 Queens Road, Brighton, BN1 3XG   Agenda: 10.30

School of Everything: May 2008 News

 School of Everything is a community of people teaching and learning. Here's how it works: http://www.schoolofeverything.com/about    What could you teach? Create a School of Everything teacher page:

2nd Food for the Brain Conference: 10-12 October 2008

Clearly it is vital for educational and childcare professionals to understand this link and the 2nd Food for the Brain Conference in October will expertly guide attendees through

Primary Review Research Briefing 2/4, on insights from TLRP

Delighted to see one quote from Learning and Teaching in Primary Schools: insights from TLRP (Primary Review Research Survey 2/4) by Mary James and Andrew Pollard, Institute of

Primary Review – New Interim Report Documents Published: Press Release

 I am emailing to notify you that a new group of interim reports from the Primary Review is published today. Copies of these and of these may be

New research suggests student teachers welcome moves to a Masters profession

New research suggests that Government plans to make teaching a Masters profession are being welcomed by those in the sector. ESCalate, in collaboration with the University of Cumbria, launched

BT Launches Nationwide Hunt for Top Young Internet Teachers: Press Release

BT Launches Nationwide Hunt for Top Young Internet Teachers: Press Release. www.btinternetrangers.co.uk BT today launched a nationwide hunt to find and reward young “Internet Rangers” who are teaching

Give a Book Week – Wales – 7-12th July 2008. Press Notification

Give a Book Week - Press notification One of the key campaigns of the National Year of Reading in Wales is an innovative campaign which encourages people from across

PEN Journal 8 Spring – Summer 2008

Our latest journal will be published early June. It comes free to the PEN membership. Support our work and join us for £25 per annum. Details https://www.personalisededucationnow.org.uk/JoinUs.php The

The QI equation for an enriched IQ

The Times online has this  intriguing article by Tom Hodgkinson, editor of the Idler (orginally featured in the Sunday Times, 11 May.)http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/news/uk/education/article3907246.ece  'The quirky methods behind TV’s QI

Blackboard Releases Report on Globalisation & Higher Education (Press Release)

 MANCHESTER, ENGLAND—May 13, 2008—Blackboard Inc. (NASDAQ: BBBB), a leading provider of educational enterprise technology, released a report today on major challenges and opportunities facing institutions of higher education

Testing to Destruction 2

The annual exam season is upon us along with the endless debates about testing regimes in the UK. Today the Select Committee Report suggests that SATs could be

Campaign for Learning policy briefings 14-19 and Higher Education

Policy briefings on the 14-19 phase: Schools and Raising the Learning Leaving Age, 15 May 2008: with Chris Tweedale,

Futurelab – Free Educational Tools for educators

Debate and learn with Power League- a free educational tool www.powerleague.org.uk Power League is great for provoking group discussions- whatever the subject or age of participants. You can create

RSA Campaign for Schooling fit for 21st Century

The RSA is considering a major new initiative in the form of a campaign for schooling fit for the 21st century. An Education Campaign would be based around a

Teacher Rejects State Standardized Test

Edutopia News:  http://www.edutopia.org/edutopianews.html reports a Seattle teacher rejecting the  State's Standardized Test. The item came from NPR organisation http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=90167639 A teacher in the Seattle School District is defying federal,

Personalised Learning: Taking Choice Seriously. Educational Heretics Press latest book.

Personalised Learning: Taking Choice Seriously edited by Mark Webster. What happens

Lib Ed – New Articles

LibEd Bulletin http://www.libed.org.uk NEW ARTICLES POSTED, MAY, 2008 EMERGING PERSPECTIVES ON CHILDHOOD Robin Alexander¹s keynote lecture at the conference on Childhood, Wellbeing and Primary Education organised by the General Teaching

Testing to Destruction

The UK schooling system is so wedded to testing that this last few days has seen comprehensive media coverage of the ridiculous pressure students are put under with the

Campaign for Learning – Learning at Work Day 22nd May 2008

 CfL's LAW day is a great  idea and well aligned with our notion of a learning landscape. To find out more about Learning at Work Day, on 22

The Community Day School Network (California): Annual conference Jan. 11-13, 2009 in Fresno, CA.

The Community Day School Network (California) will hold its annual conference Jan. 11-13, 2009 in Fresno, CA.

The International Democratic Education Conference (IDEC): Annual conference August 11-18, 2008 in Vancouver, Canada.

The International Democratic Education Conference (IDEC) will hold its annual conference August 11-18, 2008 in Vancouver, Canada.

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