Campaign for Learning policy briefings 14-19 and Higher Education

Policy briefings on the 14-19 phase:

Schools and Raising the Learning Leaving Age, 15 May 2008: with Chris Tweedale, DCSF and Simon White, NCSL

Political battleground: still more academies?, 29 May 2008: with Sam Freedman, Policy Exchange and Professor John Howson, Education Data Surveys

The Foundation Learning Tier: the jewel in the crown of 14-19 strategy?, 5 June 2008: with Andrew Lambe, LSC and Dylan White, QCA

Policy briefings on higher education:

Meeting the Leitch Agenda for HE, 29 May 2008: with Professor Deian Hopkin, LSBU

Full Time HE Students – Funding Higher Fees, 5 June 2008: with Dr Bahram Bekhradnia, HEPI

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