PEN Learning Exchange: May 25th 2008 at the South Downs Learning Centre (Brighton, UK)

PEN Learning Exchange in May 25th 2008  at the South Downs Learning Centre (Brighton)
Venue: Community Base 5th floor conference room, 113 Queens Road, Brighton, BN1 3XG  


10.30 Drinks/registration
11.00 Taking choice seriously – Roland Meighan and Ian Cunningam – introduction to the book on this subject and the wider issues of personalising.
12.00 Interactive session with staff, parents and students of the South Downs Learning Centre – how does personalising work in practice? A live example of the realities of this work.
1.15 Lunch
2.15 Review of the morning – lessons and actions – how can we make changes in learning practices to benefit young people?
3.00 Peter Humphreys  – Centre for Personalised Education and its activities – directions for personalising education for real.
3.45 Drinks and networking to 4.15pm

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