Primary Review – New Interim Report Documents Published: Press Release

 I am emailing to notify you that a new group of interim reports from the Primary Review is published today. Copies of these and of these may be downloaded from our website,

The following documents have been published:

Learning and teaching in primary schools: processes and contexts. Overview briefing for research surveys 2/4, 6/1 and 9/2.
Classes, Groups and Transitions: structures for teaching and learning (Primary Review Research Survey 9/2) by Peter Blatchford, Susan Hallam, Judith Ireson and Peter Kutnick, with Andrea Creech, Institute of Education and King’s College, University of London. Cambridge: University of Cambridge Faculty of Education. ISBN 978-1-906478-29-2.
Primary Schools: the built environment (Primary Review Research Survey 6/1) by Karl Wall, Julie Dockrell and Nick Peacey, Institute of Education, University of London. Cambridge: University of Cambridge Faculty of Education. ISBN 978-1-906478-24-7.
Learning and Teaching in Primary Schools: insights from TLRP (Primary Review Research Survey 2/4) by Mary James and Andrew Pollard, Institute of Education, University of London. ISBN 978-1-906478-30-8.
Plus separate briefings on each of the above reports.
Please feel free to forward this message and the attachments to others. Following the extensive media coverage of our previous interim reports, we want today’s reports to reach the widest possible audience in order to provoke discussion which will feed back into the Review as we begin to pull the evidence together in preparation for our final report, which we hope to publish towards the end of 2008. We would therefore be glad to hear what you think about the issues raised: email .

As on previous occasions, we stress that these reports have been commissioned as evidence to the Review and we are publishing them in order to encourage discussion and debate. They do not necessarily reflect the views of the Primary Review itself, and we shall reserve judgement on their findings until we have assessed the full array of evidence.

Robin Alexander
Director, The Primary Review

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