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Teachers of the Month
Ginny Moffett has taught yoga all over the world:

Sue Lancaster knows a lot about felt:

Johan van Wallenburg wants to get everyone growing organic vegetables:

Free School!
A Free School appeared at the Shine social enterprise conference on the South Bank. Here’s what

Come to this month’s Free School and learn to fly a mini helicopter:

A Teacher By Any Other Name
Our Tech Advisory Board met this week to grill us on how we’re developing the site. One question is whether we should have “teachers” and “learners” on the site, or something less formal. What do you think?

Design Everything
We’re looking for a great designer to join the team at Everything HQ. Helicopter skills handy but not essential.

Get Satisfaction
Felix left a note on School of Everything’s discussion pages to say he’s looking for other people doing long-distance PGCEs for support and advice. Can you help? Join the conversation:

Get Teaching
We’ve had requests this month for someone to teach manga 101, Japanese cooking, sword fighting and how to flip a coin from finger to finger. Can you help?

And Finally
Team Everything has been watching Accepted, a movie about a bunch of kids who start a school.
And laughing a lot.

We’ve got three copies to give away. If you want one, send us a photo of yourself starting a school somewhere unexpected. Not sure how to start a school? It’s easy – all you need to do is make a sign that says ‘THIS IS A SCHOOL’, and hold it up. You can find the students later.

Send photos to three we like best win a DVD.

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