Personalised Education Now Journal 9. Autumn – Winter 2008-9 out now!

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Contents include:
Two feature articles

  • Sci – Fi Nightmare Becomes Reality – Paul    Henderson. Paul invites us to look at the attachment to schooling as an addiction and enables us to look again at those taken for granted assumptions and the ‘fall-out’ that arises. He draws upon Oliver James’ book Affluenza. He finally identifies Ten Incoherent Dichotomies Intrinsic to Schooling and their obvious logical solutions.
  • Are Video Games an Instrument of Violence? – Dr Andreas Oikonomou and Ben Partridge. It’s not so simple, according to Dr Andreas Oikonomou and Ben Partridge from the University of Derby. Here they take a look at the accusations levelled against video gaming for the young.

 Other items:

Book Review: Personalised Learning: Taking Choice Seriously – Michael Foot and Peter Holt.
Book Review:  Joy Baker: Trailblazer for home-based education and personalised learning. – Hazel Clawley.
Book Review: The Standing Ground. – Chris Shute
Book Review: How Children Learn at Home. – Alan Clawley.
Inessential Shakespeare – Philip Toogood
Flotsam and Jetsam.  – Educational Beachcomber.

Journal Errata: p1 contents box and p9-  title line 2 spelling should be Dr Andreas Oikonomou. p8 Kabet Press email contact should read

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