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What would Nature do?

From Our Readers
Readers share ideas about learning and the magazine.

I Liked it! by Kate Fridkis
Insights about life and learning from a young woman who learned without school.

The Seasons by Jerritt Dayhoff
Playing, learning, and Nature Deficit Disorder.

Education Inspired by Nature by Wendy Priesnitz
Biomimicry emulates Nature’s best ideas to solve human problems, including education.

83 Things I Learned From Homeschooling by Kimberly Nichols
Humor and wisdom that we can all relate to, from a former life learning mom.

Whose Lives Are We Living? by Wendy Priesnitz
Kids need independent time to muddle, rather than meddling by their parents.

Over-involved Parents? by Kelly Hogaboom
Undoing the damage from the assumption that being home with kids is non-productive for women.

Ask Naomi by Naomi Aldort
Joining your child’s activities can stifle creativity and confidence.

Focus on Media
Reviews of books, films, DVDs, websites and other media about alternatives in learning and parenting.

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