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2010 AERO Conference Call for Proposals
The 7th annual AERO conference is already shaping up to be quite an event with great keynote speakers including Herbert Kohl and John Taylor Gatto already booked!  We are now looking to add to this great lineup by calling for proposals!  This year we have five primary workshop tracks:

* Introduction to Alternatives in Education
* School Starting
* Practical Skills & Application
* Philosophy & Theory
* Social Issues & Education
* Beyond Education

If you are interested in participating in the 2010 AERO conference as a presenter, download our application form today!

The fall issue of Education Revolution is about to be sent to the printers.  This issue is packed with great articles and reports from around the world!  To receive the issue as soon as it is finished, become a subscriber or member today.  You can find out how to subscribe at or become a member at  Here’s the table of contents from the upcoming issue:

Being There with Jerry Mintz
From the Editor’s Desk by Ron Miller

Featured Articles
What Time is it? — AERO TIME! The AERO Conference ‘09 by Franzi Florack
Report from the 2009 IDEC in Korea by Moe Zimmerberg
Structures for Autonomny: The Experience of Self Managed Learning College by Ian Cunningham
Why it Works: The Montessori Method by Cathleen Haskins
If a Post-modern, Whole Child School is the Choice for Malia and Sasha Obama…Why not for everyone? by David Marshak
Following the Leader: Succession by Len Solo
Educational Freedom, Funding, and Rights: A Waldorf Perspective by Gary Lamb
The Standards by Jenni Davis

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