The Folly of Growth

Many thanks to Paul Henderson for the following: I’d like to draw your attention to a fascinating collection of articles in the 18th of October special issue of New Scientist entitled ‘The Folly of Growth’  which brings together key […]

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News from Life Learning

PEN Comment: The work and publications of Wendy Priesnitz are extremely important in any holistic view of learning. We can wholeheartedly recommend keeping them within your horizons. Greetings from

AERO E-News October 2008. Ron Miller

A sample of Ron Miller's  thinking was also featured in AERO's October e-News: Educational Alternative - Not Just Alternative Education by Ron Miller. From In today’s increasingly complex

Edutopia News 24th September 2008 – Building on Disaster: Architects Around the World Respond to Crises Building on Disaster: Architects Around the World Respond to Crises. Where the going is tough, Architecture for Humanity gets schools going again. by Richard Rapaport. People are ready

Edutopia News 17th September 2008 – In the Trenches: Community Activism Plays a Starring Role in Education Reform

In the Trenches: Community Activism Plays a Starring Role in Education Reform. Educational activism kicks into high gear. by Sara Bernard  On March 19, 2008, more than ten

Journal: ‘Home Education’

The Journal, 'Home Education' is the only independent home education journal aimed at home educators, academics and education professionals alike. With over one third of local authorities subscribing

AERO E-newsletter 23 July 2008

Education Revolution: for the online version. Contents: 2008 AERO Conference DVDs AERO News Items Paradise Found - at an overcrowded airport? The Montessori Association of New Zealand (MANZ): A Model Worthy

Wendy Priesnitz

In July / August's Natural Life Magazine  the editor Wendy Priesnitz responds to a new book by James Gustave Speth 'The Bridge at the Edge of

Futurelab e-news items July 2008

Futurealab website: Futurelab e-newsletter 48 July 2008. Items include: Challenging Learner Voice - 23 October Futurelab's autumn conference will take place on 23 October at Warwick University Conference Park.

Futurelab – Vision Magazine 7 (July-Dec 2008)

Futurelab's bi-annual magazine features articles on the Children's Plan, the Primary Capital Programme, compulsory post-16 education, learners as co-designers, robots in education, and

PEN Journal 8 Spring – Summer 2008

Our latest journal will be published early June. It comes free to the PEN membership. Support our work and join us for £25 per annum. Details The

A New Website by AERO is now live!  This website serves as the virtual home for The Directory of Democratic Education as well as a location providing unique articles, essay, links,

Life Learning Magazine One of  the very best and most well presented magazines:

Education Revolution – The Magazine of Alternative Education

This magazine from the Alternative Education Resource Organisation (AERO) (USA) has as its mission:‘Building the critical

Connect – supporting student participation.

Excellent Australian publication published bi-monthly aiming to·        Document

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