BBC News – Vetting rule ridiculous – Byron

Tanya Byron has worked with vulnerable young people for 20 years. TV psychologist Dr Tanya Byron has branded plans to vet people in contact with children ‘unbelievably rubbish’.  Read story

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English perspective on children and parents takes another nose dive

Childcare help 'could be illegal' Source: Parents in England who regularly look after friends' children and receive a "reward" for doing so must register as childminders, regulator Ofsted

HE links

With grateful thanks to Alison Sauer for these links 1. An Indian scientist talking about the advantages of home education not giving the population a herd mentality "In most cases,

EO Campaign Website

26.09.2009 A new article entitled DCSF Home Education Guidelines 2007 has been posted on the EO Campaign website,

The 21st Century Learning Initiative – Briefing Paper for Parliamentarians.

Within the last month the Initiative has issued a Briefing Paper for Parliamentarians on the design faults at the heart of English education. Initially this has gone to

Badman – Satirical blog

Thanks to Peter van Zuidam for alerting us to this satirical blog - The Dark Lord Badman. The Guide to Home Education.

Gerald Haigh: Revisiting the radicals for an antidote to toxic schools

Comment from Gerald Haigh (Times Educational Supplement) from Future – Transforming Learning spaces BSF and PCP Leadership Online: Gerald Haigh’s 5 Things to Think about column National College

Badman Report Two?

The exclusive target of the Badman Report is full-time home-based educators.  But since the children of the other families are only in school for aout 200 days, all

Guardian. Intellectual guru seeks ‘system redesign’ of secondary education.

Peter Wilby The Guardian, Tuesday 22 September 2009 David Hargreaves has recently finished his work on the curriculum and, if he has his way, secondary schooling could

Dyslexia, dyspraxia and the dinosaurs.

Fturelab Newsletter 61 - September 2009 Dyslexia, dyspraxia and the dinosaurs. Kim Thomas Jane Scaysbrook tells the story of a nine-year-old girl who has dyscalculia – a learning disability

All good technology should be assistive – Neil Milliken

All good technology should be assistive. Comment by Neil Milliken, Head of Service and Mobile Development at iansyst. “Whenever I ask people what they understand by the term assistive

Rochdale Observer: Children’s rights recognised by schools

Sounds like a good idea when first reading the headline. But are Children's Rights really being observed in a 'compulsory', command and control based schooling system. CPE-PEN advocates

Telegraph: Children given police escorts from school

Children as young as five are being given police escorts from school under Government plans to crackdown on bad behaviour, it has emerged.   By Graeme Paton, Telegraph Education Editor.

Home Educators cry “Foul”

AboutMyArea - ‎Sep 19, 2009‎ Local home educators in Dagenham  reacted angrily to the news that the DCSF has granted Graham Badman extra time (1) to gather

Institute of Education, University of London – Home education: rights, childhood and policy-making

OPEN LECTURE: Home education: rights, childhood and policy-making 6th annual Allan Levy Memorial Lecture Institute of Education, University of London 20 Bedford Way, London WC1H OAL ROOM 801. Thursday, 26th November 2009,

ESRC Seminar Series

ESRC Seminar Series  Rethinking Youth Cultures in the Age of Global Media  Seminar 3: Tuesday 10th November 2009, 11.00 – 5.00 London Knowledge Lab, Institute of Education. 23-29 Emerald Street, London

CfL: The Learning Revolution is here

The Learning Revolution and Learning Revolution Festival is here. The Learning Revolution is the Government's vision for informal adult learning in the 21st Century. The Campaign for Learning is

A Teacher’s Story About Alternative and Unschooling

Video A Teacher's Story About Alternative Education and Unschooling - Why is education important? The story of a ...

Times Online: Parents protest at Ofsted inspections for children taught at home

Joanna Sugden. September 14th 2009 Thousands of parents are prepared to go to court over plans to limit home schooling, The Times has learnt. Parents whose children are educated at

CfL Conference – Learning to Learn: the voice of the learner

Learning to Learn: the voice of the learner 10 December 2009, 10am - 3pm (refreshments from 9.30am) The Beehive Research Centre, University of Newcastle, Newcastle, NE1 7RU £150 plus VAT **Early

BETT Preview – IANSYST – Pan-disability website launch.

Dyslexia expert iansyst Ltd shares expertise across dyspraxia and dyscalculia with launch of pan-disability website  A leading expert in the field of dyslexia for 26 years, specialist assistive technology

OpenEYE newsletter July/August – First parent applies for EYFS exemption

From OpenEYE newsletter Jul/Aug. First parent applies for EYFS exemption. Journalist Frances Laing is the first parent to apply for exemption from the EYFS learning requirements and has a

EO Campaign Websites updates September

22.09.09 A new article entitled Consultation on Definition of Full Time Education Next Year has been posted on the EO Campaign website, 18.09.2009 A new article entitled Press Release: Report\'s

Garden Organic – Organic Harvest

On October 4th Garden Organic will be hosting an Organic Harvest. This will be a celebration of all the wonderful things people have grown throughout the year. The

Staffroom mantra?

I recently saw this on a staffroom wall - how true. I hoped the staff took his to their hearts. I've come to the frightening conclusion that I am

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