CfL Conference – Learning to Learn: the voice of the learner

Learning to Learn: the voice of the learner
10 December 2009, 10am – 3pm (refreshments from 9.30am)
The Beehive Research Centre, University of Newcastle, Newcastle, NE1 7RU
£150 plus VAT **Early Bird discounted price £125 plus VAT, for all bookings made before November**

This conference will examine the issues for learning and teaching in FE with reference to current policy issues affecting the sector. Questions the event will examine include:

How can putting the learner at the heart of the learning process create lifelong learners?
How can the FE sector most effectively build and implement strategies focused explicitly on teaching and learning?
What good practice in this area already exists in FE, and how can it be built on?
What are the barriers to learning to learn approaches in the FE Sector and how can they be overcome?
Is the sector ready to manage the impact of current policy developments?
Keynote presentations will be made by

Professor Kathryn Ecclestone, Professor in Education, Oxford Brookes University
Theresa Thornton, Northumberland College, Learning to Learn in FE project college
Mark Young, Lewisham College, Learning to Learn in FE project college
Dorothy Smith, Interim Regional Director, LSC North East
Dr Kate Wall, University of Newcastle and lead researcher of the Campaign’s Learning to Learn in FE project

Further details to be announced. 
Contact information
Name: Karla McLaren
Telephone: 020 7766 0010

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