YoungMinds launch nationwide workshops to help the children’s workforce meet young peoples mental health needs

YoungMinds launch nationwide workshops to help the children’s workforce meet young peoples mental health needs The recent Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) review found that the children’s workforce need better knowledge of child development  and mental health  so […]

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Press release: Education Project Launches to Provide Practical Solutions for Global Education

Global Education Experts to Speak at Inaugural Event in Bahrain -  A new annual event designed to improve the quality of education across the world, from pre-school to higher

Announcing the creation of Self Managed Learning College.

Thanks to Professor Ian Cunningham for updating us on exciting developments in self managed learning. We wish Ian and his colleagues every continuing success Self Managed Learning College is

Becta update – August 2009

Items include Award winning products in action Becta, BESA, and EMAP work as partners in the BETT Awards, which highlight exemplar digital products intended for the education marketplace. Watch the

AERO E-News 28 July 2009.

More and more alternative, democratic, and learner centered schools are opening every year. The paradigm is changing! Brooklyn Free School ( is now going into its sixth year.

Digital Technology: Experts split on ‘Kindle in Every Backpack’

Education experts are split after a recent proposal published by some influential members of the Democratic Party suggested the government provide ...

Futurelab conference – ‘Seen and Heard: Young people creating digital media’

In light of the recent ‘Digital Britain’ report, Futurelab’s annual conference will be dedicated to exploring the opportunities and challenges for young people in becoming digitally active, and

EO Campaign Website Home Education Updates – July / August

Sussex home educators feature on BBC South East has been posted on the EO Campaign website, Select Committee Chair keen to find out more about home education has

IALA July 2009 News Items

School Choice Expanding Worldwide by Wayne Jennings Since the early 1990s when the nation’s first charter school was opened in St. Paul, MN, the scope and availability of school-based

OpenEye Newsletter July 2009

  OpenEYE consists of a unique and growing multi-disciplinary team of experts who have come together through a shared concern about Early Childhood in the UK. They have the

Edutopia News July 2009: Digital Youth Portrait – Cameron

Meet Cameron, Preteen Tech Whiz At school, at home, and on the road with his hockey team, Cameron experiments and innovates with his laptop.

CfL: National Family Learning Network Conference

National Family Learning Network Conference: Parents as Partners in Learning Wednesday 16th September 2009, Oak Tree Conference Centre, Coventry Keynote speakers include Julia Gault, Head of Family Engagement Division at

TDA: Masters Degree in Teaching and Learning

Masters in Teaching and Learning The Masters in Teaching and Learning (MTL) is a government-funded, classroom-based qualification developed to help teachers extend their teaching skills and abilities. It is

Futurelab. InspirEd Newsletter July 09

InsirEd Newsletter includes News 'Young People's Geographies', a project involving students in geography curriculum-design, the launch of BFI's Future Film Club, the Digital Britain Report, e-safety resources, and details of

Press release: Singapore – Inaugural International education roundtable

8 July 2009. The Singapore Ministry of Education around some of the ongoing international education events taking place in Singapore. Inaugural International education roundtable shares insights on expectations and

Nursery World: Analysis: Government signals end to target culture

Analysis: Government signals end to target culture. Nursery World, 9 July 2009.   Are the targets and measurements that the Government appears to be dropping going to be

Press release: Barnsley needs the oldest mentor in town

In hard times those who inspire, motivate and challenge others to be their best are our surest guarantee of a secure future. To publicise the benefits mentoring can

Guardian: Teen pregnancy: a stubborn problem.

Teen pregnancy: a stubborn problem. Despite government efforts, Britain's teenage pregnancy rate is still the highest in western Europe. How can we tackle it?   Helen Wilkinson, Wednesday

London Evening Standard: Tories to offer alternative state education at Montessori schools

Tories to offer alternative state education at Montessori schools. London Evening standard. Tim Ross.08.07.09 Parents will be able to choose an alternative state education for their children under Conservative

Telegraph: Database to track vulnerable children scrapped by Government

A multimillion-pound Government computer system swamped in red tape is to be scrapped after experts said it was a danger to vulnerable children, the Daily Telegraph can disclose.   By

GoPetition: Support home educators in England

Add your name to this international petition in support of England's home-based educators. Go to GoPetition Support home educators (homeschoolers) in England.  Published by Raquel  Toney on Jul

Telegraph: The Idle Parent: home education. It’s time to teach the meddlers a thing or two about home education.

By Tom Hodgkinson. Published: 12:00PM BST 07 Jul 2009 Great article! The bottom inspectors are coming. Some of you will remember the hilarious strip of that name in Viz, a

YoungMinds: Young people launch mental health manifesto for change

YoungMinds Very Important Kids(VIK), a national panel of young people with mental health problems, today, launch  their  manifesto to politicians  to  highlight the changes that need to be

Guardian: Teachers’ anti-discrimination code reworded after faith groups object

Requirements for teachers to promote diversity removed from new GTCE code of conduct Polly Curtis, education editor, Thursday 2 July 2009 11.36 BST The General Teaching Council for England

Guardian: Porritt blasts Treasury ‘arrogance’Buzz up!

By Ruth Sunderland The Observer, Sunday 5 July 2009 Jonathon Porritt, one of Britain's leading environmentalists, has attacked the Treasury for being "startlingly arrogant" and for dragging its feet

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