A more useful and radical proposal.

PEN Comment: We can have as many reviews and reports as we like but the default education remains. One or two key radical proposals could really change the face of education for the 21st century. Perhaps we’d actually do a […]

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Camridge Review – ‘Where does it leave us now’ asks Polly Curtis, education editor The Guardian, Friday 20 February 2009

Where Does it Leave us Now - Polly Curtis, education editor The Guardian, Friday 20 February 2009     http://www.guardian.co.uk/education/2009/feb/20/primary-education-review PEN Comment: Polly rightly asks the question will it happen?

Camridge Primary Review briefing

Briefing document: Towards a new curriculum: a report from the Cambridge Primary Review (PDF

Cambridge Primary Review: report on the primary curriculum

The report presents the Review’s evidence on current arrangements together with proposals for the future. It is directed towards the longer term but is published now in order

Press release: Mum can go back to school… while staying at home with the kids says distance learning specialist, RDI

It's not just the kids who are going back to school or college this September - mum might be joining them too. However, mothers of young children who

Press release: Colleges set themselves apprenticeship target

Colleges have set themselves a tough challenge to mark Apprenticeship Week (23 to 27 February) – to employ 1500 apprentices by 2010. In a recent survey of 130 colleges,

Education Revolution E-News February 2009

PEN Comment: if you do nothing else with Ed Rev News follow up the new Gatto book! visit www.edrev.org/fre.html for the online version Weapons of Mass Instruction: John Gatto's

Campaign for Learning Events

Moving towards the creation of the Young People's Learning Agency 19 March 2009, 11am - 1pm £99 plus VAT In light of the Machinery of Government White Paper, ‘Raising Expectations:

Futurelab: E-News February 2009

PEN Comment: There's always loads of interest and learning to absorb with Futurelab News. Where do you look first?! Fountaineers case study - part 2 The Fountaineers project engages pupils

Press release: AbilityNet Leads The Way Enhancing Website With Widgit Symbols

Press Release : News from Widgit Software February 2009 AbilityNet is the first organisation to enhance its website with ‘Point’ symbol support from Widgit. The national charity – which

Futurelab – New publications Learning Spaces Redesign Report and Fountaineers Research

Futurelab has just published a new report on primary learning spaces that will aid those involved in the redesign of educational learning spaces, particularly the PCP and BSF

Getting there? Two thinkers moving towards CPE-PEN perspectives

PEN Comment: It's worth casting around occasionally to see where the edge of educational thought lies. Two influential thinkers are indicating they are  they are moving in the

Press release: World Book Day – 5th March 2009

Diary Note: World Book Day, Thursday 5 March 2009  Reading is one of life's great pleasures and for more than a decade millions of readers, young and old,

AERO: E-News 9th Feb 2009

From AERO E-News 9th Feb 2009 . Education Revolution E-News Alternative Education Resource Organization 417 Roslyn Rd., Roslyn Hts., NY 11577, USA (516) 621-2195  /  (800) 769-4171 (Toll-Free in

CfL: The Impact of Learning on Change and Change on Learning

National Learning Forum The Impact of Learning on Change and Change on Learning London - 25 February 2008 10am - 4.30pm (refreshments from 9.30am) £175 plus VAT DISCUSSION TOPICS ANNOUNCED! The Campaign

Next Practice in Resourcing Personalisation – The Inclusion Trust

Innovation Unit: Next Practice. Field Trial In2ition http://www.innovation-unit.co.uk/education-experience/next-practice/next-practice-in-resourcing-personalisation---the-inclusion-trust.html   The field trial will use the scaleable and transferrable approaches developed as part of Notschool.net (www.thecademy.net) research to re-engage young people

Press release: Students can save thousands on degrees starting this September says RDI.

STUDENTS CAN SAVE THOUSANDS ON DEGREES STARTING THIS SEPTEMBER Says distance learning specialist, RDI Young people starting university this September can save thousands on their degree or diploma, according

Edutopia News: 4th February 2009 –

PEN Comment: Edutopia news identifies a CBS News Video on exercising and learning http://www.edutopia.org/edutopianews.html Video: Pumping Up the Brain Researchers are finding that exercise can

Press release: Liverpool’s ‘Shelter from the storm’ sows the SEED for a KIND Education

As the credit crisis deepens Liverpool children’s charity KIND, recently described by playwright Alan Bleasdale as a ‘remarkable shelter from the storm’, knows that in times such as

Recommended: School of Everything Blog

PEN Comment: It's good to track the development nad thinking of The School of Everything. Do check out their blog at http://schoolofeverything.com/blog Pick up the series of articles


OpenEYE consists of a unique and growing multi-disciplinary team of experts who have come together through a shared concern about Early Childhood in the UK. They have the

Teachers TV: Future Thinking

From Teachers TV It's The Future Of Education Week On Teachers TV This week it's The Future of Education Week on Teachers TV. Some interesting titles: 

Educational Heretics Press – 2009 Catalogue online now!

EHP Book Catalogue Educational Heretics Press is the essential read on education. It's also our very own. If you really want to think 'out of the box' and discover

Peter Hitchen – The coming war against Home Schoolers

PEN Comment: Daily Mail journalist Peter Hitchen writes about the 'The coming war against Home Schoolers' in his blog http://hitchensblog.mailonsunday.co.uk/2009/01/the-coming-war-again I  knew this was coming. The inflamed, all-seeing

Lib Ed News http://www.libed.org.uk

Thanks to David Gribble for the following notifications: LibEd Bulletin http://www.libed.org.uk NEW ARTICLES POSTED, JANUARY, 2009 ACTIVITY-BASED LEARNING IN CHENNAI Amukta Mahapatra An account of what must be the most widespread

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