Press release: Mum can go back to school… while staying at home with the kids says distance learning specialist, RDI

It’s not just the kids who are going back to school or college this September – mum might be joining them too. However, mothers of young children who need to update their skills through higher education for a return to work can face dilemmas. Is it possible to enrol on the right course without attending a campus miles away from family and home? Is childcare affordable and does it fit around study times? Is the ‘juggling’ act going to be too much? The answer is simple: mum can “return to learn” with distance learning specialist Resource Development International ( RDI – ) – so she can stay at home, study at her own pace and fit higher education around the demands of family life.

RDI is the world’s largest independent provider of UK university qualifications by distance learning: study is carried out using the internet and email, so it can fit into naptime, after bedtime or when the kids are being entertained by friends and family. RDI has around 7,000 students enrolled on its courses, which are available at levels ranging from Diploma and Advanced Certificate to HNC, HND, BA (Hons), BSc, MSc and MBA.

And, with RDI, distance learning doesn’t hit the family where it hurts – in the purse – especially in comparison to attending a ‘traditional’ bricks and mortar establishment. For those who are looking to start the journey back into higher education, a certificate in Management at HNC or similar level will cost around £2,500. These programmes generally have open entry, so students don’t need previous qualifications to enrol. And, after graduation, they give entry into many of the university degree programmes.

Degrees are attractively priced too. The cost of a BA(Hons) degree in Business by distance learning is £4,500, and is paid in monthly instalments of just £99 for the first year of study and £125 a month afterwards. However, the cost of exactly the same degree is a massive £15,000 if taken on campus. So with the distance learning option, it’s possible to save £10,500, which is especially important in these credit-crunching times.

For those who enjoy the social side of education – the sharing of ideas and meeting fellow students for a chat – RDI has developed education’s answer to Facebook with its ‘iLearn’ online study system. iLearn rolls an online university, online campus and classroom into one and gives students access to each other and to study material around the clock, from any location with an internet connection.

Dr Hallam, CEO of RDI, comments: “Mothers who work or study full time often get a raw deal. In the last year or so, the media has run negative stories ranging from nursery environments being potentially damaging to infants if they attend for more than 30 hours a week to, more recently, children suffering from ‘selfish’ parents who follow their own career paths and rely on childminders. Now, more can be done from home. Thanks to distance learning, it’s easy to combine home life and convenient study without worrying about childcare or the cost of on-campus education. ‘Return to learn’ mums can update their skills to the level they require, while also spending as much time as they want with their families.”

Resource Development International (RDI) was launched in 1990 and is the world’s largest independent provider of UK university distance learning qualifications. Based in Coventry, UK, it offers a range of courses – from certificates and diplomas to MBAs – provided by institutions including: University of Wales, University of Bradford, Univeristy of Birmingham, University of Sunderland, Sheffield Hallam University, University of Teeside, University of Derby, University of East London and also Edexcel, ACCA, CIMA, CIPS and IAB.

RDI has more than 7,000 students enrolled on its courses. RDI also works with corporate clients to offer a range of vocational pathways to improve organisational performance by increasing the skills and attitudes of employees.

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