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Innovation Unit: Next Practice. Field Trial


The field trial will use the scaleable and transferrable approaches developed as part of ( research to re-engage young people still in school but in danger of dropping out or being excluded by the system. A partnership between selected schools and Inclusion Trust will organise a learner driven programme which flexes time and space for learning using the successful constructivist approach proven by during 5 years of robust research. The ‘In2ition” programme tests and evaluates a bespoke curriculum model for teenager in KS 3/ 4 whose attendance pattern suggests that they are at risk of “dropping out” of traditional education. The intention is to re-engage young people in learning through ICT and participation in an online learning community of practice with the intention of improving their subsequent attendance at school and their enthusiasm for lifelong learning.

This field trial develops a truly personalised curriculum which is bespoke to every child. Each young person will have the freedom to decide which areas of learning they will follow, how long they will spend on each area of learning and where they will learn. Teenagers will negotiate with the school/institution to continue to study a number of subject areas of their choice. It is envisaged this will number about 4 or 5 to begin with, but that the young people will be entitled to attend more if they wish. They will attend timetabled lessons in their chosen subjects as usual, but will continue to choose and negotiate their participation in extra lessons and further subjects, either in school or via a bespoke online community of practice. They will change and review this range of subjects through personal preference and as appropriate to their needs. In addition, they will be encouraged to attend relevant work experience by negotiation with the school. They might also choose to attend part-time college courses, or activities at community centres or City Learning Centres. Some may choose to serve the community through a variety of activities, or work towards other qualifications such as Duke of Edinburgh awards.

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