Pott Shrigley CE Primary Macclesfield, Chesire – Flexischooling Available

Pott Shrigley Primary is now offering flexischooling

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Next CPE Learning Exchange (LEX) – save the date!!

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We're in full planning mode for our next CPE LEARNING EXCHANGE - LEX.


Michaelchurch Ecsley Primary School Flexischooling Programme

Michaelchurch Ecsley Primary School Flexischooling Programme Our Flexi-school Programme is designed to allow children to attend school full-time, while supporting their education in the home environment

Flexischooling Available in Stratford Rural Schools Federation

Flexischooling Available in Stratford Rural Schools Federation (Warwickshire)

At the Stratford Rural Schools Federation we recognise that

Flexischooling available at Dean Barwick Primary

At Dean Barwick School we value every individual equally, and are committed to providing the best education within a caring, family atmosphere. The school has close links with

Flexischooling – Stoney Middleton Primary School

Flexischooling is available at this small school (currently 12 children) Stoney Middleton C of E Primary School is really rather unique. Small numbers on roll mean personalised learning

Flexi-schooling at Weston Lullingfields CE Primary School

Flexi-schooling at Weston Lullingfields CE Primary School We are offering flexi-schooling at Weston Lullingfields. This is an opportunity for any family who would like to work in partnership with

Flexi-schooling friendly secondary school in Birmingham. Kimichi School.

Flexi-schooling friendly secondary school in Birmingham.... http://www.kimichischool.co.uk/

Flexischooling Events Updates

Hollinsclough Primary – Small Schools Event Just returned from Hollinsclough Primary http://hollinsclough.staffs.sch.uk/  today and their Flexischooling Event for Small Primary Schools. Great to talk to interested headteachers

Are You Ready to Join the Slow Education Movement?

Are You Ready to Join the Slow Education Movement? Shelley Wright I came across this article via the MINDSHIFT blog originating from POWERFUL LEARNING PRACTICE. I remember reading

Make School a Democracy. Prof. David Kirp. New York Times

Make School a Democracy. Prof. David Kirp. New York Times. Feb 28th 2015. NY Times. Sunday Review Opinion. http://www.nytimes.com/2015/03/01/opinion/sunday/make-school-a-democracy.html?_r=1&utm_source=3-1&utm_campaign=11%2F23%2F2014&utm_medium=email

ARMENIA, Colombia — IN a one-room

Manara Academy, Leicester. OPEN DAY, Wed 30th January 2013

Teacher Presentations and Montessori Taster Activities Manara Academy http://www.manara-education.co.uk/ offers a quality, Montessori and Classical-inspired, challenging curriculum for boys and girls ages 5-16 in a caring Islamic environment,

Flexischooling – Building the Network

The CPE-PEN Flexischooling Learning Exchange resolved to continue the process of building the flexischooling network and developing advocacy strategies with government and its agencies, local authorities and schools. BUILDING

Flexischooling Learning Exchange 28th April- Last Call

The last few days to join us in Loughborough on Saturday 28th April for our Flexischooling Learning Exchange / Conference. Always refreshing and stimulating inputs and debate. Saturday

Flexischooling from ad hoc to tip of an iceberg?

We've reported many times on the growing number of flexischooling initiatives.  The concept originated with our own leading light Dr Roland Meighan  http://edheretics.gn.apc.org/ http://www.rolandmeighan.co.uk/ and discussions held with  John

The Future of Learning Conference and Free Festival

It's worth having a good look at the elements of this conference... presenters, topics etc. Its likely to be a very interesting event all round.

Self-Managed Learning College move

Self Managed Learning College Moves to Brighton Youth Centre The pioneering South Downs Learning Centre is building on its success by moving to larger premises at the

Shikshantar – Learning Society Unconference 2011.

Learning Society Unconference, April 2011

The sixth Unfolding LSC was organized at the Deer Park Institute in Himachal Pradesh. This year's conference was self-organized around the themes of Contemplation,

The Family School at Larkhall: Communication Workshop.

Finding the Middle Way: A Communication Workshop For Parents. 

It can be very difficult to remain calm and true to your beliefs and values about parenting when faced with a screaming

Flexischooling Conference June 2011

Fiona Nicholson has put up a good page about the CfBT Flexischooling Conference, June 2011and various Flexischooling links on her 'Ed Yourself' site http://edyourself.org/articles/flexischoolingconference.php Flexi-schooling Conference June

IALA Newsletter 09.05.2011

Futurelab E-News 28.04.2011

 Some items from Futurelab's April E-News. FUTURELAB http://www.futurelab.org.uk/   Event Eye Futurelab has developed an exciting new

AERO E-News 30.03.2011

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elearningeuropa. info 30.03.2011

AWARD ON SOCIAL MEDIA USE IN FORMAL LANGUAGE TEACHING CONTEXTS. The European network Language Learning and Social Media – 6 Key Dialogues kindly invites language teachers

Sustainable Schools Alliance

Thanks to ben Ballin from TIDE for this information Dear colleagueswww.education.gov.uk/tickellreview for details

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