Other learning models video: Imagine a school… Summerhill

Continuning this thread of posts. How sad it would be if we lost what diversity we had in the educational landscape. How sad this diversity is not available for more young people and families William Tyler Smith’s (Kiss Me Again, […]

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Other learning models video: Democratic education at Sands School

  Democratic education at Sands School   

Other learning models video: Natomas Charter School Individualized Learning Program (ILP)

Natomas Charter School Individualized Learning Program (ILP) is a modified independent study program that serves students in grades 9-12 in Sacramento, CA. This small school setting offers students...

CfL: Creativity and Innovation- 99% Inspiration, 1% Perspiration?

Creativity and Innovation- 99% Inspiration, 1% Perspiration? 07 July 2009, 10am - 4pm (refreshments from 9.30am) Mary Ward House, Tavistock Place, London, WC1H 9SN £175 plus VAT **Special Friends' rate of

Press release: UniServity Announces Strategic Partnership with Microsoft

The ability of technology to connect learners, teachers, mentors and support collaboration grows at pace. If conceived and developed beyond the narrow confines of current schooling, further and higher

Postit Science Corporation – Brain Fitness News June 2009

Postit Science http://www.positscience.com/ Postit Science Corporation - Brain Fitness News June 2009. Two interesting items from the June e-newsletter A Delicious Defense Against Dementia? Scientists at Duke University have found

Press release: Social networks and Internet need to be ‘interwoven together’ – EifEL

Social networks and Internet need to be ‘interwoven together’ – EifEL by Jason Seebaruth The social networks and Internet of tomorrow will mean existing as an ‘internet of subjects’

GLEF Edutopia – Digital Youth Portrait: Olivia

Edutopia News 17th June 2009 Interesting video portrait of Olivia. http://www.edutopia.org/digital-generation-profile-olivia-video   Although Without the means or easy access to the newest high tech tools, this resourceful and strong-willed

Book: Life Learning. Lessons from the Educational Frontier.

While education and learning continues to struggle to meet personal, family and societal need its so refreshing to read some solid common sense. The world has and is

Family Eco Festival 4th July 09

EO Campiagn Website – Models of Good Practice

EO Campaign Website. A new article entitled Field Trips to Look at Innovative Models of Good Practice has been posted on the EO Campaign website, http://www.freedomforchildrentogrow.org/update.php. This includes a

IDEC, International Democratic Education Conference 2009 Korea

IDEC 2009 KOREA Managerial Committee B1 1344-1 Seocho-Dong, Seoul, Korea Telephone/Fax: +82 70 7655 6060 Idec2009@gmail.com http://2009.e-idec.org Dear Fellow Students, Educators, Parents, and Scholars,  We would like to invite you to an

CfL Events – National Youth Service? Compulsory Learning and Compulsory Volunteering? and The Primary Curriculum: teaching and testing or learning?

"PM Gordon Brown has pledged to ensure every young person has done 50 hours of community work by the time they are 19 years old." (BBC) The scheme will

Futurelab Scenario Posters: Adult Informal Learning, Family Learning, Games and Learning

From April 2008 Futurelab started a programme of work - supported by Becta - to contribute to the 'Harnessing Technology: Next Generation Learning 2008-14' strategy launched in July

Press release: Dream Catcher project uses digital technology to connect children’s learning

The use of digital photos and video can provide young children with a powerful medium to express their voice, as well as facilitating valuable three-way interactions between a

Edutopia – Digital Generation Project Video

The George Lucas Educational Foundation (GLEF) Edutopia E-newsletter 27th May includes  their Digital Generation Project Video. A useful reminder to many that the world of our young people

Press release: Gadget News: USB Pen Based Software Increases Executive And Student Reading Speeds By Up To 300%

Solve IT With Science, the world’s leading authority on speed-reading technology, has launched ReallyEasyReader, with versions available for both executives and students. The

Futurelab E-News May 2009

Some interesting and relevant items from Futurelab's latest newsletter: Adult Informal Learning This project, also part of the Harnessing Technology work programme, is investigating the role that digital technologies play

Life Learning

While this country treats its children and young people so shoddily (see post below) perhaps politicians could just take some time out from the soundbites and politics and

Press release: The National Learning Platforms Conference 2009

The essential conference for forward-thinking school leaders Achieving educational excellence through creativity and innovation Event: The National Learning Platforms Conference 2009 Date: Wednesday 10th June 2009 Time: 09:00 -16:30. Informal Drinks Reception:

Greater Expectations Project – Online Survey 14-19 year olds

As part of Futurelab’s (http://www.futurelab.org.uk/) Greater Expectations project here is a a link to an online survey for 14-19 year olds.  The survey will help shape the

Press release: WIDGIT learning platform plug-ins help the one in seven youngsters who do not speak English at home.

  Widgit Symbols appear when pupils point mouse at difficult words Recent reports highlighted a London school where 64 different languages are spoken and four out of five children do

Futurelab: New FREE handbook on curriculum and teaching innovation

Futurelab has just published a new handbook on digital inclusion, discussing the perceived benefits of inclusive education and how these benefits have changed the learner demographic of mainstream

AlphaSmart Editorial: Learner voice leads the way

Learner voice leads the way Interaction, collaboration and personalised learning are high on the agenda for many a teacher in modern day education and, with the dramatic advances in

Press release: UniServity’s ‘Around the World in 80 Days’ project opens a new world of 21st Century learning opportunities

Ground-breaking UniServity cLc Learning Platform Project opens a new world of cross-curricular and cross-cultural 21st Century learning opportunities for 10,000 students globally UniServity, the market leading Learning Platform provider

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