2019 Research: Home Education and Child Abuse How Media Rhetoric Drives the Myth

Home Education and Child Abuse: How Media Rhetoric Drives the Myth.

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Latest CPE Personalised Education Now Journal 26 Winter 2017

Journal 26 This will be members according to your membership journal preference – Hard Copy or Digital. Josh Gifford our Managing Editor is delighted with the latest publication and

Home Education Myth and Reality. Wendy Charles-Warner

Home Education Myth and Reality. Input at CPE LEX North Wales 4

CPE LEX: Educational Difference – Flexing and Personalising Education. Nov 4, North Wales


Educational Difference - Flexing and Personalising Education.

CPE Learning Exchange (LEX). Alternative Educational Futures Series.

Saturday 4th

Book Review: Daddy do my hair? Hope’s Braids.

Title: Daddy Do My Hair? Hope's Braids

Author: Tola Okogwu

Genre: Children (interest level 3+, reading level 5+)

BOOK REVIEW: Rothermel, P. (Ed)(2015) International Perspectives on Home Education.

Wendy Charles-Warner from the Centre for Personalised Education has reviewed the latest offering from Paula Rothermel on Home Education. It is a impressive (and currently very

CPE-PEN New Trustee – Director

CPE-PEN are delighted to welcome Wendy Charles-Warner as trustee - director. Wendy brings with her a wide spectrum of knowledge, skills and experiences. She has a legal background,

CPE-PEN News January 2014

Dr Roland Meighan I’m sure you’ll join with us in wishing Roland better health in 2014. Roland has a heart condition and has not been well for some time

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