Latest CPE Personalised Education Now Journal 26 Winter 2017

Journal 26

This will be members according to your membership journal preference – Hard Copy or Digital. Josh Gifford our Managing Editor is delighted with the latest publication and its contents.

The Power of One Becomes the Power of Many. Julia Black inspires with her parental and professional flex-schooling adventure.

Re-join the Revolution. Paul Henderson urges readers to be part of the ground up revolution.

Child or Parent of the State? Wendy Charles-Warner argues that the safeguarding industry is spearheading the charge to Orwell’s 1984.

Guiding Young People after Terrorist Attacks. Prof Edith W King identifies a pressing need to support and reassure young people.

On Oceans and Swimming Pools. Rowan Salim explores what it is to swim in the vast oceans of our lives.

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