Home Education Myth and Reality. Wendy Charles-Warner

Home Education Myth and Reality. Input at CPE LEX North Wales 4 November: Wendy Charles-Warner. 

Wendy’s article, ‘Home Education and the safeguarding Myth’, provided a study of the disparity between the popular myth that home education is a safeguarding concern and factual analysis of source data relating to referrals to children’s services and their outcomes. It was well received by the DfE and Welsh Assembly Government alike. 

Wendy Charles-Warner is a trustee / director of the Centre for Personalised Education.Wendy is retired from a career in civil law and has been advising on Home Education law and practise for around 34 years. She has provided training to Local Authorities on the law and practise of Home Education and their duties in that regard, for the past 8 years. During this time she has given both oral and written witness evidence to the Welsh Assembly Government, its Ministers and Members, together with UK Members of Parliament, on the subject of Home Education. Wendy has acted as an advisor on Home Education law and practice to NGOs in the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Poland and Ireland. Wendy has undertaken research in the field of home education, particularly in the area of separating fact from myth.

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