TED Talk – Ken Robinson – Bring on the Learning Revolution!

Sir Ken communicates ideas very clearly and well. He challenges the obsession with the linear narrative of education. Is he a CPE-PEN member yet?! Creativity expert Sir Ken Robinson challenges the way we’re educating our children. He champions a radical […]

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BBC News: Make time for play, schools urged

BBC News 11:31 GMT, Thursday, 3 September 2009 The right to play is enshrined in the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child Teachers are being urged to make

EO Campaign Website additions Aug-Sep

03.09.09 A new article entitled Education Otherwise meeting with DCSF has been posted on the EO Campaign website, http://www.freedomforchildrentogrow.org/update.php 03.09.09 A new article entitled Updated Briefing on the Badman

Guardian: PM promises private school style education for all under new reforms

Polly Curtis, education editor guardian.co.uk, Monday 29 June 2009 17.28 BST Gordon Brown guarantees an education individually tailored for each child, but parents could be fined if they refuse

Book: Life Learning. Lessons from the Educational Frontier.

While education and learning continues to struggle to meet personal, family and societal need its so refreshing to read some solid common sense. The world has and is

The School Calendar

One of the ways mainstream schooling systems can begin to look at more radical transformations is by thinking about the whole idea of the school calendar. In the

Learner’s Charter for a Personalised Learning Environment.

CPE-PEN brought a number of ideas and resources which influenced the development of Futurelab's 'Learner's Charter for a Personalised Learning Environment.' There is now a video introducing Futurelab's

Campaign for Learning: Learning to Learn Training

A competency curriculum that develops the PLTS 20 January 2009 Learning to Learn for Personalised Learning A competency based curriculum rather than a subject based curriculum for KS3? QCA recommends a flexible

PEN – Learning Exchange: Chard in Somerset 24th October 2008

PEN - Learning Exchange Chard in Somerset 24th October 2008 Reminder - our next Learning Exchange is being jointly held with the Chard Home Education Centre on the 24th

Not Personalised Learning!

The UK's Teacher's TV is advertsing a programme called Personalised Learning and Pupil Data - Secondary scheduled in May and June. The synopsis reads: Personalised Learning and Pupil Data

PEN Learning Exchange: South Downs Learning Centre (Brighton, UK)

Given the the despair and frustration generated by the previous few posts about the schooling system was really delightful to be in the company of people who can offer

Personalised Learning: Taking Choice Seriously. Educational Heretics Press latest book.

Personalised Learning: Taking Choice Seriously edited by Mark Webster. What happens

Personalised Education Now – Journal 7

PEN  Journal 7 – Out now. Free to members of PEN. The feature article is the report from

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