Personalised Education Now – Journal 7

PEN  Journal 7 – Out now. Free to members of PEN. The feature article is the report from   PEN / Staffordshire University Conference: Personalised Learning: Taking Choice Seriously – by Philip Toogood.

A range of other articles: ·        I’m a Professional – get me out of here!Christopher Shute. We can always rely on Chris for his perceptive insights. Here Chris calls for the removal of hierarchies in schools. Instead of being promoted out of teaching you’d be promoted into it! ·        Hospitals don’t close for the holidaysHazel Clawley. Educational institutions still rigidly adhere to organisational practices which deny access to learners. Hazel points up the differences in hospital settings. In a truly personalised educational landscape there is no room for such barriers. ·         Learning and Growing: Creative Kids ClubLucy Milner-Gulland. Lucy writes about the successes of the Creative Kids Club where learners co-construct their learning with others, taking responsibility for their own learning and lives. ·        Dispatches from our Grandfather CorrespondentMichael Foot. Michael reflects on his grandchildren’s learning experiences, their local schooling, the national scene and his work as a school governor. ·        Educational Beachcomber CornerBeachcomber. This popular feature from our Education Now days returns.·        Waiting to be seen – Josh Gifford. ‘The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.’ – Marcel Proust

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