Guardian: PM promises private school style education for all under new reforms

Polly Curtis, education editor, Monday 29 June 2009 17.28 BST

Gordon Brown guarantees an education individually tailored for each child, but parents could be fined if they refuse to take more responsibility for their children’s behaviour.
Parents should be able to expect a private school style education under plans to reform the education system, the prime minister said today.

Families will be guaranteed personal tutors, one-to-one tuition, and a range of qualifications under the plans, which will be laid out in full in a white paper tomorrow. More:

This is yet a further attempt to try and make a bad education offer more ‘ tailored’  for its students. We’re clearly getting set for the last raft of policies designed squeeze whatever it can from a bankrupt system. So young people will take their ‘medicine’ get a ‘private style education’  and personal tutors, parents will be criminalised, teachers will be on  5 year licences, and ‘fat cat’ super heads will be running federated institutions. Budgets undoubtedly will increase and the litigation culture thrive. For real personalisation we have to look elsewhere!

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