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PEN Comment: The work and publications of Wendy Priesnitz are extremely important in any holistic view of learning. We can wholeheartedly recommend keeping them within your horizons. Greetings from Life Learning! Life Learning magazine has been merged back into Natural […]

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Sir Ken Robinson on the Power of the Imaginative Mind

Creatively Speaking, Part Two: Sir Ken Robinson on the Power of the Imaginative Mind From Edutopia News 23rd October 2008. Sir Ken Robinson, the creativity guru shares his vision

Press Release. The Crossley Heath School: the future of online activity

PEN Comment: The growth of VLE 's is impacting all educational institutions. Its worth keeping up with developments and beginning to unpick the implications for all sorts of educational

YoungMinds calls for more support to aid recovery for children with mental health problems

Latest figures from the Office of National Statistics show that more needs to be done to support children with mental health problems. Thirty per cent of children diagnosed

Press Release: Finding studying for GCSEs a grind? Let GCSEPod take the strain

Finding studying for GCSEs a grind? Let GCSEPod take the strain – while you’re on

Education Otherwise: Home Ed Article on EO Campaign Website

A new article entitled Home educating journalist's article in the Independent has been posted on the EO Campaign website,

Campaign for Learning – Informal adult education

Shaping the Way Ahead: the government's response to the informal adult learning consultation London - 30 October 2008 On 9 October the

News Release: ‘Good Nightlife’ Almost Twice as Influential as ‘Student Funding Availability’ in University Choice

A new Ci Research survey for student funding website Student Cash Point ( ) has discovered that 'good nightlife and entertainment' is almost two times more likely

AERO E-News October 2008. Ron Miller

A sample of Ron Miller's  thinking was also featured in AERO's October e-News: Educational Alternative - Not Just Alternative Education by Ron Miller. From In today’s increasingly complex

AERO New Book: The Self-Organizing Revolution by Ron Miller.

AERO New Book: The Self-Organizing Revolution. Common Principles of the Educational Alternatives Movement by Ron Miller. Ron Miller (PH.D) is the editor of Education Revolution Magazine. PEN Comment: we look

Dad’s in the picture conference.

Men and fathers are important groups to engage, but are often seen as 'hard to reach'. The 'Dads in the Picture' Conference is a national family learning event, which

PRESS NOTICE: UN human rights body once again condemns treatment of children in the UK, 3 October 2008

A highly critical report published today (Friday, 3 October) by the United Nations Committee on the Rights of the Child has slammed the UK Government as failing to

Becta: ICT Advice Alert – October 2008

ICT Advice Alert – October 2008. Some items:

  •  Home Access project announced
  • The Prime Minister has announced top line details of the Home Access project which will see

Ofsted report on learning outside of the classroom

Thanks to Ben Ballin for this item: Useful background info: new Ofsted report on Learning outside the classroom See See Among the key findings are: When planned and implemented

Press Release: BESA release annual ICT in UK State Schools research

BESA (British Educational Suppliers Association) announces the release of its annual comprehensive ‘ICT in UK State Schools’ research, which explores a range of ICT issues and trends.

Performance Management: Issues for schools and other educational organisations?

Thanks to Gordon all for the following: Recent research from Strathclyde University has found that:   “companies that concentrate on "Performance Management" alone faired worse than other comparative companies."   This finding should

Postitscience e-news September 2008 Some interesting posts in the September e-news Is Dyscalculia a Type of Math Dyslexia? Sometimes Not Losing Is More Important Than Winning Vitamin B12 May Help Big Brains Daydreaming Appears Healthier

PEN – Learning Exchange: Chard in Somerset 24th October 2008

PEN - Learning Exchange Chard in Somerset 24th October 2008 Reminder - our next Learning Exchange is being jointly held with the Chard Home Education Centre on the 24th

New York Times: Older Children Abandoned Under Law for Babies by Erik Eckholm

New York Times Published: October 2, 2008. A Nebraska law intended to prevent the abandonment of newborns is being used by parents of unruly teenagers. Read the whole article at:

Roland Meighan:

Peter Wilby published an article 'Aint Misbehavin' in the Guardian on the 23rd September. Roland Meighan responded with the following (as yet unpublished) letter. Dr Roland Meighan. D.Soc.Sc., Ph.D.,

Education Otherwise: New Website

A new article entitled New Website for Education Otherwise has been posted on the EO Campaign website,

Futurelab Conference: Challenging Learner Voice: are we really empowering learners?

This is a reminder to let you know that Futurelab’s conference, this year entitled ‘Challenging Learner Voice: are we really empowering learners?’ is fast approaching and will take

Lib Ed bulletin: New articles for September 2008

The Baumgarten children's home. Siegfried Bernfeld The Kinderheim Baumgarten was a jewish children's home set up in Vienna after the first world war. Bernfeld's  methods would still seem innovative

Sunday Times: UK’s biggest school scraps homework. Jack Grimston

From The Sunday TimesSeptember 28, 2008 A new school that will be the biggest in the country is to abandon homework because the head teacher believes it does not

BBC News: ‘No evidence’ exam targets work.

BBC News 26th September 2008 Gordon Brown repeated his threat to replace school leaders or close schools. There is "no quantified evidence" about whether threatening to close

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