Press Release: Finding studying for GCSEs a grind? Let GCSEPod take the strain

Finding studying for GCSEs a grind? Let GCSEPod take the strain – while you’re on the bus, in the bath, under the duvet…Wednesday 22 October, 2008, Newcastle upon TyneToday marks the launch of GSCEPod, a revolution in the way students can learn and revise for their GCSEs.  This brand new product offers bite-size learning and revision modules, which can be downloaded from the internet to your computer, iPod, or mobile phone, enabling education anywhere.With over thirty hours of content across four subjects available to download at launch, initially spanning subjects such as English Language, Religious Studies, History and Geography, working for those all important GCSE exams has never been easier. GCSEPod will also cover English Literature, Science, Maths, French and Design and Technology.Written by teachers and narrated by actors, GCSEPod titles are assured for the accuracy, validity and cross exam board relevance of the subjects covered.  Additionally, all subject content is supported by music and broken up with an introduction, several three to five minute chapters followed by a summary and recommended weblinks, to create a more tangible and accessible learning experience for users.The brand new concept of structured education audio books from GCSEPod extends beyond the offerings of any other current GCSE learning and revision tool, with up to 100 times more audio content for any of the subjects GCSEPod covers.Priced from as little as £1.95 per title, the GCSEPod service is a widely accessible mode of learning.  It is also important to note that GCSEPod is as beneficial to high-flying individuals as it is to students of average ability, with titles suited to all levels of learning.Anthony Coxon, Director, Soundbitelearning UK Ltd, says, “GCSEPod aims to provide students with an easy, straightforward and hopefully entertaining way to wade through endless studying and revision.  What’s more, it’s also a great excuse for teenagers to put an iPod on their wish list this Christmas!“With the new school year in its infancy GCSEPod is perfectly primed to assist students, whether in Year 10 or Year 11, right from the very start; a whole year of GCSEPod learning is now here for the taking.”  GCSEPod has been developed by Soundbitelearning UK Ltd., an innovative British company based in Newcastle upon Tyne. Full details on GCSEPod can be found at

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