Guardian: Porritt blasts Treasury ‘arrogance’Buzz up!

By Ruth Sunderland The Observer, Sunday 5 July 2009

Jonathon Porritt, one of Britain’s leading environmentalists, has attacked the Treasury for being “startlingly arrogant” and for dragging its feet over sustainability.
According to Porritt, the Treasury was slow to set an example on sustainability through programmes such as the private finance initiative (PFI) or Building Schools for the Future (BSF). He said he tried to engage with the Treasury over PFI, which he saw as one of the main mechanisms by which the government could send out signals to the private sector about promoting sustainability. But, he said: “The whole PFI process from 1999 onwards has been a sustainability-free zone.

“With the Building Schools for the Future programme it took four or five years for the Treasury to understand it had to have sustainability at its heart. It was straight Treasury obstinacy.”

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We hardly need to remind ourselves that schools have never been built upon any notion of sustainability

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