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The Centre for Personalised Education (CPE)has been producing educational journals for over 30 years, our latest iteration the Personalised Education Now Journal has been in circulation twice a year since 2005. We are just transitioning to a new Editorial Team so it is an opportune moment to refresh a call for authors.

Our key ideas revolve around personalisation in education.

Key language:

Personalised, invitational, flexible, self-managed, self-determination, co-created, independence, interdependence, democratic, cooperative, convivial.

We’re always looking for fresh insights, articles, book reviews from new and old writers. You don’t need to be an academic (but you can be) you just need to elaborate your passion. That might be an educational perspective old or new, a critique, blue sky futures, a new venture, a call for help and support, a campaign, it could share an educational journey, a setting or review a book you’ve read. We’d love to hear from educators, families, learners, researchers and citizens interested in education.

You can see the range of articles by checking out our Centre for Personalised Education website and going to the Journal tabs Ed Now and PEN. These will give you a flavour of what kinds of things have been published over the last 30 years. However, don’t let this be restrictive run your own ideas past us.

Our next journal is due for publication around April / May 2019 so we can receive copy at any time up until late March.

We aren’t prescriptive in the size and nature of articles … anything up to 1500 words would be typical. Small snippets can also be incorporated. Images are a bonus.

If you have an article, article idea or book review please get in touch in the first instance via or the contact tabs on the Centre for Personalised Education website.

Please note we always welcome your inputs and you might like to engage by contributing on any of our social media forums below directly or submitting items to

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