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Our good friend Dr Tim Rudd is growing his new Livelab Organisation. Tim’s posted a host of excellent resources already to the Livelab

Tim is author of numerous publications relating to education, new technologies and innovations, as well as a range of other outputs and academic publications. The selected list below demonstrates some of the key themes and areas covered.


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Current projects


Publications and links

iPads for Education: 33 Useful Resources – iPads for Education: 33 Useful Resources NEW!Learner Voice and Co-Design

Learner Voice Handbook

Learning Spaces

What if…?: Reimagining Learning Spaces

What if…?: Learning Spaces Workshop Cards

Live Lab Academy: A Hypothetical Case Study

Reimagining Outdoor Learning Spaces: Co-design and Educational Transformation

Reimagining the Design of Outdoor Play and Learning Spaces

Thinking Space: A Workshop Resource to Support Visioning Around New Learning Spaces

Transforming Schools for the Future


Personalising Learning through Spatial Re-design

Personalisation and Digital Technologies

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