Hollinsclough Primary Flexischool Project

Roland Meighan, Janet Meighan and Peter Humphreys from CPE-PEN, and Gillian Trott from the Self-Managed Learning Centre in Brighton  http://www.college.selfmanagedlearning.org/ paid a visit to Hollinsclough Primary Flexischool Project this week http://www.hollinsclough.staffs.sch.uk/

Left to Right: Olaf Hindmarsh (Staffordshire LA Elective Home Education Co-ordinator), Peter Humphreys (CPE-PEN), Janette Mountford-Lees (Headteacher), Janet Meighan (CPE-PEN), Roland Meighan (CPE-PEN) . Also present but not in this photo Stephen Malbon, (Leadership Support Officer), and Gillian Trott, (Self-Managed Learning Centre

We  previously posted about the Hollinsclough Project http://blog.personalisededucationnow.org.uk/2011/01/17/flexischool-developing-in-rural-staffordshire/ 

Headteacher Janette Mountford-Lees is looking creatively at how to develop a sustainable setting. She has introduced flexischooling and looking to developa learning hub  and virtual learning solutions .

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