Recapturing Childhood. Positive Parenting in the Modern World

Recapturing Childhood. Positive Parenting in the Modern World

In her new book Mildred Masheder provides wise advice on every aspect of childhood.With many inspiring contributions from
parents, who have written to her about their parenting experiences, she invites us to help our children recapture this special time of
their lives, which seems to have been lost in recent years.

‘Mildred Masheder has long since established herself as a commentator of rare clarity and wisdom on these matters. This new book is a powerful and straightforward challenge to us all to put our intelligence to work for the sake of our children, to recover the space they need and the care they need.’
Dr Rowan Williams, Archbishop of Canterbury

‘Mildred Masheder… helps us navigate through the complexities of childhood
today to discover practical ways in which we can help children, and by doing
so, help everyone.’
Bob Reitemeier, Chief Executive of The Children’s Society

‘It seems not a week goes by without alarming revelations about the effects
of modern lifestyles on children’s learning, behaviour and mental health. But perhaps the media’s interest in the topic will at last stimulate politicians,parents and society in general to look for ways of …providing a ‘good childhood’ for the next generation.
For this they’ll need the advice of people who really understand children,
Mildred Masheder is such a one.’
Sue Palmer, author of Toxic Childhood

‘For me, the power of the book is that it is based on current research and
includes a broad-range of parent opinion.’
Dr Neil Hawkes, senior education adviser

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