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The Role of Apprentices in the Recession
12 February 2009, 2pm – 4pm

This session will look at the contribution apprenticeship can make to the economy in the context of the current recession. Specifically, it will consider the role of apprenticeships and the link to raising the participation age to the age of 18, offering skilled opportunities for 18-24 year olds, reducing unemployment amongst 16-24 year olds and expanding training opportunities for adults over 25.

We are delighted that David Way the National Director of Apprenticeships at the LSC will provide a keynote presentation. Tricia Hartley, Chief Executive of the Campaign, will chair the event. As usual delegates will have plenty of opportunities to discuss the issues and raising questions.

This event is priced at £99 plus VAT.

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The Select Committee Report on the Leitch Review: Right or Wrong?
21 January 2009, 2pm – 4pm
London, £99 plus VAT

The Select Committee for Innovation, Universities, Science and Skills published it’s enquiry into the Leitch Review last week. This seminar will examine the report in detail and will critically assess its recommendations for skills and training policy. We are delighted that Phil Willis MP, Chairman of the Innovation, Universities, Science and Skills Select Committee will be providing the opening presentation. Mick Fletcher, who contributed to the enquiry, will act as respondent.

New Flexibilities for Train to Gain
05 February 2009, 11am – 1pm
£99 plus VAT

During a recession the training budget is often the first to go, however, adult skills and training can be a fundamental element of survival. The government has recognised this need to train employees to help business survive and has responded by making its Train to Gain offer more flexible to meet current needs. Michael Mitchell, Skills Development Director for LSC North East will be providing an opening presentation to outline the current changes. Jac Ingram for NCFE will act as respondent based on NCFE’s recent report on Train to Gain. There will be plenty of opportunities for delegates to discuss the issues and raise questions.

Adult Skills at the Crossroads: What’s in store for 2009?
05 February 2009, 2pm – 4pm
£99 plus VAT

This briefing will look at adult skills for 2009 in the context of the recent LSC Grant Letter and LSC Statement of Priorities for 2009-10, and the Pre Budget Report.

Delegates will hear from Pauline Watson, Skills Development Director, LSC. As ususal delegates will have plenty of opportunities to discuss the issues, in particular the skills issues around the rising redundancy figures

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