Press Release: Bullying is still a big concern for parents, says YoungMinds

Bullying is still a big concern for parents, says YoungMinds. Anti Bullying Week 17-21 November 2008

YoungMinds’ Parents Information Service took over 200 calls last year on bullying, and distributed 106,029 Bullying: Why it matters leaflets. It is a problem which parents often need help and support to deal with.

Being bullied can lead to children and young people developing a range of emotional and mental health problems including low self esteem, depression and the belief that they deserve to be bullied. Regular bullying can be associated with problems later on in life. Some adults who were bullied as children find they often get depressed, lack self confidence and feel resentful. Children who bully are often also victims themselves and may be experiencing problems elsewhere.

Sarah Brennan, YoungMinds Chief Executive said: “Many children and young people get into fights and disagreements from time to time, and teasing, and name calling can all be done in the spirit of playfulness. However when this behaviour becomes persistent and threatening then bullying can become a major concern.

“This can be a very worrying time for parents who can feel anxious about what to do and where to go for help. Children who have been badly bullied may need help to regain self confidence and assert themselves better, sometimes through counselling or therapy.

“Our helpline offers information and advice for parents from fully trained professionals who are able to signpost both parents and their children where to go for further help.”

One caller said: “It was an excellent service. It’s nice to know a helpline like this is there if you need it. “

If you are a worried parent please call 0800 0182138. The helpline is open Monday- Friday 10am-4pm, Wednesday 6pm-8pm. Our information leaflets Bullying: why it matters and In School Stay Cool are also available to order. Please call 0870 870 1721 for further information.

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