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Beyond Current Horizons update
The final version of the Futures Review is now available to download from the Beyond Current Horizons website. Written to inform the programme and stimulate debate, the paper investigates what the ‘really big’ questions are for education in the context of social and technological change. If you’re interested in keeping up to date with the all the latest on this programme (events, tools, findings etc), why not sign up for the Beyond Current Horizons e-newsletter – the first issue comes out at the end of March.
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Newtoon video
Newtoon is a mobile phone and web activity which aims to embed physics learning in mobile game creation and play. A new video (featuring interviews with the project team and showing trials in the classroom) explores the aims of the project, its development process, the ways that it helps students understand physics concepts, and possible future developments. As well as being available to view online, this short video can also be downloaded for use in presentations etc.
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FLUX is a weblog hosted by Futurelab. Here are some of the most recent posts:

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