Antidote – An Emotionally Literate Society

Our vision

Antidote’s aim is to create an emotionally literate society, where the facility to handle the complexities of emotional life is as widespread as the capacity to read, write and do arithmetic.

Antidote’s vision is of an emotionally literate society where: 
Families and friends provide us with emotional security
Communities create opportunities for neighbours to connect with each other
Government engages us in its deliberations and is responsive to the ideas that emerge
Workplaces cultivate creativity and draw upon our potential to contribute
Economic policy promotes social and emotional well-being alongside prosperity
Our environment becomes more sustainable as we embrace change in our lifestyles and attitudes
Schools and colleges stimulate curiosity, creativity and the desire to learn
Our criminal justice system addresses the emotions that drive some of us to crime
Our health providers attend to the emotional aspects of physical illness

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