Negotiating Neoliberalism: Developing Alternative Educational Visions.

Rudd, T. & Goodson, I. F. [Eds.] (2017). Negotiating Neoliberalism: Developing Alternative Educational Visions. Sense Publishers. Rotterdam/Boston/Taipei. Negotiating Neoliberalism Rudd & Goodson Flyer Negotiating Neoliberalism Developing Alternative Educational Visions 2017 – 218 pages Tim Rudd (University of Brighton, UK) and […]

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Virtual Flexischooling

Our Virtual Flexischooling Sharon Currie Sharon shares her experience of educating her son Greg. Faced with a range of challenges that make the traditional school environment impossibility, Greg appears to

The Future of Learning Conference and Free Festival

It's worth having a good look at the elements of this conference... presenters, topics etc. Its likely to be a very interesting event all round.

TED Talk – Ken Robinson – Bring on the Learning Revolution!

Sir Ken communicates ideas very clearly and well. He challenges the obsession with the linear narrative of education. Is he a CPE-PEN member yet?! Creativity expert Sir Ken Robinson

Futurelab e-newsletter April 2010

Maintaining futures expertise report This report is informed by expert interviews with seven futures practitioners, who agreed to share their views, and by desk research. The report aims to

Cisco Website Resources  There is currently some very interesting papers and resources on the Cisco site looking at Educational Futures. Emergent ideas are very much moving towards the CPE-PEN vision

2010 Horizon Report

The annual Horizon Report describes the continuing work of the NMC’s Horizon Project, a research-oriented effort that seeks to identify and describe emerging technologies likely to have... download

Futurelab Newsletter: 63 November 2009. ‘A perfect storm’ and the strategy for its aftermath

'A perfect storm' and the strategy for its aftermath November 2009. MerlinJohn. From Futurelab's November newsletter. Futurelab: World economic systems are in turmoil and global warming is becoming

Innovation Unit Newsletter 13..11.2009 Innovative Schools

Do click on to these IU articles. Its rare that you find mainstream tackling positively some of the 'holy cows' that constrain our schooling systems. This is progress

Video: Creativity, Crux of Education Sir Ken Robinson.

Sir Ken Robinson on Creativity in Our Big Earth Came across this video from Ken Robisnon 'Creativity, Crux of Education state of public education and its future' on the

Education Executive 18.09.09 – New survey reveals children’s vision for schools of the future New survey reveals children's vision for schools of the future Over half of primary school children think that schools in the future will be totally different from today

Guardian. Intellectual guru seeks ‘system redesign’ of secondary education.

Peter Wilby The Guardian, Tuesday 22 September 2009 David Hargreaves has recently finished his work on the curriculum and, if he has his way, secondary schooling could

15 Predictions for the Library of Tomorrow 15 Predictions for the Library of Tomorrow Thanks to Amber Johnson of Online Degree Programs for alerting us to this article on their site 15 Predictions for the Library

Futurelab: The Future of Education: Research Discussion Day

These Futurelab sessions are always thought provoking and push at the boundaries of mainstream eductaional thinking. The Future of Education: Research Discussion Day 10am - 4pm, Tuesday 19th May 2009 British

Teachers TV: Future Thinking

From Teachers TV It's The Future Of Education Week On Teachers TV This week it's The Future of Education Week on Teachers TV. Some interesting titles: 

NCSL E-News 12th September 2008: New Future Website

A website has been developed to support the delivery of NCSL's Building Schools for the Future (BSF) and Primary Capital (PCP) Leadership programmes. Aimed at encouraging wider discussion

Press release: Have your say on the future

New website asks the general public for their views What do you think about the future? For example, do you think that everyone will need to speak a foreign

Edutopia News 20th August 2008 – What’s Next 2008: Ten Predictions for the Future of Public Education

What's Next 2008: Ten Predictions for the Future of Public Education. Edutopia predicts: What's in store for the coming school year. by Jennifer Foote Sweeney.

Beyond Current Horizons

Beyond Current Horizons is a joint programme conducted by the Department for Children, Schools and Families (DCSF) and education innovators Futurelab. The programme is tasked with building a

The QI equation for an enriched IQ

The Times online has this  intriguing article by Tom Hodgkinson, editor of the Idler (orginally featured in the Sunday Times, 11 May.)  'The quirky methods behind TV’s QI

Blackboard Releases Report on Globalisation & Higher Education (Press Release)

 MANCHESTER, ENGLAND—May 13, 2008—Blackboard Inc. (NASDAQ: BBBB), a leading provider of educational enterprise technology, released a report today on major challenges and opportunities facing institutions of higher education

RSA Campaign for Schooling fit for 21st Century

The RSA is considering a major new initiative in the form of a campaign for schooling fit for the 21st century. An Education Campaign would be based around a

What Next for US School Reform?

Education at risk: Fall out from a Flawed Report is an article from Tamim Ansary a contributing writer to Edutopia. She writes about the 'Nation at Risk'report of 

Shift Happens UK Version Video

I posted Shift Happens 2.0 in March but have just come across a UK version. If you haven't already seen it - its worth a look

Learning Spaces – Recycling Schools and Community Learning Centres (Futurelab Research Discussion Day – 20th March)

Schools as we know them are past their sell by date as more and more people begin to recognise. If we have to build institutional learning spaces with

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