“How can I keep my ideals and still teach? Is it even possible?”

“How can I keep my ideals and still teach? Is it even possible?” Call for research participants

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Educating with Museums: A Global Resource.

Educating with Museums: A Global Resource.

Edith W. King and Peter Humphreys

As the title of this article indicates there is an outstanding, often free, source

Everyone A Researcher

Everyone A Researcher By:  Edith W. King.  Feb, 2018     You can be a researcher!  Anyone at any age can take up the style of research known as

The BIG Problem with the Scientific Analysis of Education. Paul Henderson

It is generally agreed that education policy should be informed by legitimate peer reviewed scientific research arrived at through evidence based rational thinking. There is no doubt in

IALA Newsletter 09.05.2011

Press release: ‘Impact of New Technologies’ research

This resarch appears to confirm what we've always known... many learners 'power down' at the school gates. The digital technologies and software they access in the rest of

IALA News Spring 2011

Some great posts from Wayne Jennings in this Spring's IALA News How To Videos: Extraordinary Resource  

EdVisions Schools have

Researching and Communicating with children

Two new books on methods of researching and communicating with children.

  •  Priscilla Alderson and Virginia Morrow (2011) The Ethics of Research with Children and Young People: A Practical Handbook.

Research with Children and Young People

OPEN FOR ENROLMENT  Continuous Professional Development courses on Research with Children and Young People at the University of Edinburgh Interested in research on children and young people and want to

IALA news for Spring

Latest from IALA http://learningalternatives.net Blueprint School by Wayne Jennings I’ve waited for years for this marvelous book, Lives of Passion, School of Hope: How One Public School Ignites a

Natural learning key to success

The Washington Times Sunday, September 6, 2009 HOME-SCHOOLING: Natural learning key to success. By Kate Tsubata I naturally am excited to hear of the latest research, commissioned by the Home

Calling Parents of Alternatively Educated / Home Educated Children

Thanks to Helen Lees for this post. When I discovered the anture of alternative and home education and its difference to mainstream education, I had a sort of moment

Futurelab: The Future of Education: Research Discussion Day

These Futurelab sessions are always thought provoking and push at the boundaries of mainstream eductaional thinking. The Future of Education: Research Discussion Day 10am - 4pm, Tuesday 19th May 2009 British

Call for papers on homeschooling.

Thanks to Iris Harrison for forwarding this item: Theory and Research in Education is soliciting submissions for a special issue on homeschooling. Homeschooling has emerged as an increasingly important

IALA News May 2008

IALA news - latest May blog entries http://www.learningalternatives.net/. Items include:

  • Changing Traditional Schools: Impossible, Or....
  • School Choice: New Study. 
  • Research on Alternative Schools
  • National and State Alternative Education Conferences (listed individually

The Educational Evidence Portal

The educational evidence portal (EEP) is an online resource enabling you find educational evidence from a range of reputable sources using a single search. It is

Futurelab Research Discussion Day at RIBA 20th March – Learning Spaces

You can track my comments on the learning Spaces aspects of this day in the FLUX blog

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