Call for papers on homeschooling.

Thanks to Iris Harrison for forwarding this item:
Theory and Research in Education is soliciting submissions for a special issue on homeschooling. Homeschooling has emerged as an increasingly important educational and social phenomenon, facilitated by the repeal of many of the regulatory requirements that had limited its scope. Scholarly commentary on the normative and policy issues surrounding homeschooling has been limited, perhaps in part because there have been few studies of the nature and aspirations of the homeschool movement. To what extent, if any, should public policy discourage the spread of homeschooling or reinstate regulations calculated to ensure its adequacy? To what extent, if any, should public resources be directed toward facilitating or ensuring the adequacy of homeschooling? What tests of adequacy, or protections of children’s rights, should apply? In contemplating homeschooling, how should we understand the nature and extent of parent’s claims to control the education of their children? What if any legitimate public interests, and children’s interests, are advanced, and which hindered, by homeschooling? What would be an appropriate policy framework governing homeschooling? The editors of Theory and Research in Education invite papers addressing any subset of these questions, as well as historical, sociological, or other studies relevant to answering them. Papers and inquiries may be directed to any of the editors: Prof. Harry Brighouse [ ], Prof. Randall Curren [ ], Prof. Elaine Unterhalter [  ], or Mr. Mitja Sardoc [ ]. Deadline: April 15, 2009.

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