Flexischooling Learning Exchange Saturday 18th April 2015 – Birmingham

Just to reiterate the Flexischooling Learning Exchange on April 18th in Birmingham is open to everyone whether you are currently flexischooling, just interested in the idea, from families, schools or local authorities.

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IALA Newsletter 09.05.2011

Markets in Education; an analytical review of empirical research on market mechanisms in education

From Antidote News - November 2010 OECD wonders why competition has little impact on schools .A report by the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) explores the reasons why

Green Party National Conference CPE-PEN input 13.09.2010

Green Party National Conference CPE-PEN input
Monday 13th September. Peter Humphreys, CPE-PEN chair addressed a fringe meeting at this year's Green Party Conference.

IALA News Autumn 2010

Some items from IALA (International Association for Learning Alternatives) News Autumn 2010 Linda Hammond-Darling on Choice Alternatives, the National Scene

IALA – International Association of Learning Alternatives Blog

IALA - International Association of Learning Alternatives Blog Some interesting items on the IALA blog Blueprint School by Wayne Jennings I’ve waited for years for this marvelous book, Lives of Passion,

IALA July 2009 News Items

School Choice Expanding Worldwide by Wayne Jennings Since the early 1990s when the nation’s first charter school was opened in St. Paul, MN, the scope and availability of school-based

London Evening Standard: Tories to offer alternative state education at Montessori schools

Tories to offer alternative state education at Montessori schools. London Evening standard. Tim Ross.08.07.09 Parents will be able to choose an alternative state education for their children under Conservative

IALA January E-News:

Range of Alternatives

We recently created the outline below showing the kinds of choices available to students in some parts of Minnesota. This may be similar to

IALA News May 15 2008

IALA news - latest May 15 blog entries http://www.learningalternatives.net/. Some fascinating items include:

  • Baccalaureate Degree at Community Colleges!
  • - In a stunning development, the Community College Baccalaureate

Personalised Learning: Taking Choice Seriously. Educational Heretics Press latest book.

Personalised Learning: Taking Choice Seriously edited by Mark Webster. What happens

IALA News May 2008

IALA news - latest May blog entries http://www.learningalternatives.net/. Items include:

  • Changing Traditional Schools: Impossible, Or....
  • School Choice: New Study. 
  • Research on Alternative Schools
  • National and State Alternative Education Conferences (listed individually

Personalised Education Now – Journal 7

PEN  Journal 7 – Out now. Free to members of PEN. The feature article is the report from

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