IALA News May 15 2008

IALA news – latest May 15 blog entries http://www.learningalternatives.net/. Some fascinating items include:

  • Baccalaureate Degree at Community Colleges!
  • – In a stunning development, the Community College Baccalaureate Association fosters the conferring of a traditionally earned four year degree from community colleges, which traditionally offer a two year degree…
  • Early College High Schools Grow Dramatically
  • – One of the newest stars in the education constellation is combining secondary education with college and it has taken off dramatically. In just one major program this year, 159 schools in 24 states operate with an expected 100,000 students served at 250 sites within the next few years…
  • Parents Favor More Choices in Schools
  • – A national opinion poll conducted in March, 2008 of 800 registered voters found that 81% of parents support having more public school options for their children…

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