Innovation Unit March 10 E-News

Some interesting items 1. Academies: a good model for the wrong reasons March 19, 2010 by Matthew Horne  2. Learning from the Extremes by Charles Leadbeater and Annika Wong An exciting new paper that looks across the globe for […]

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Sunday Times: Glittering prizes await the education giants

From The Sunday Times January 10, 2010 James Ashton The private sector is expecting a bonanza from supplying schools. ON a blustery winter’s day, only the hardiest of pupils

Guardian: Academies: 200 and counting, but more doubts raised

Polly Curtis, education editor, Monday 7 September 2009 22.35 BST The case for Labour's multimillion-pound academy programme has yet to be proved and in some cases the disruption

Campaign for Learning Event: The Future of Academies

Michael Gove's recent revelation that Conservative education policy would include 'primary academies' was met with fierce opposition from unions and the government. Moreover, academies have been heavily debated

Primary Schools and Academy Status

Thanks to Michael Foot for this letter sent to Michael Gove MP regarding Conservative Party policy on Primary Schools and academy status  - 28th April 2009 Michael Gove Esq.,

Campaign for Learning policy briefings 14-19 and Higher Education

Policy briefings on the 14-19 phase: Schools and Raising the Learning Leaving Age, 15 May 2008: with Chris Tweedale,

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