Campaign for Learning Event: The Future of Academies

Michael Gove’s recent revelation that Conservative education policy would include ‘primary academies’ was met with fierce opposition from unions and the government. Moreover, academies have been heavily debated since their inception, so what does the future hold for them? Our forthcoming policy briefing will examine the issues. See below for further information.

The Future of Academies
16 June 2009, 2pm – 4pm
£99 plus VAT **Friends’ rate £89.10 plus VAT – click here for more information on the Campaign’s Friends scheme**

What is the future for academies? How have models of academy sponsorship developed? What’s worked and what hasn’t, and what are the implications of the economic downturn for sponsorship in future?

We are delighted to be joined by Rod Aldridge, Chairman of The Aldridge Foundation, sponsors of two academies, to discuss the issues. As usual delegates will have plenty of opportunity to join the debate. The event will be chaired by Tricia Hartley, Chief Executive of the Campaign for Learning.

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